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Detective Shop
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-8-2007 05:34

Now that we have a post for trading and selling items and it's a part of the game, could the detective shop be used for this instead?

As it is right now, it's pretty redundant, the stuff in there is pretty much a waste of money too buy even for a new player.

It would make more sense and be so much easier if you could just use the Detective to buy, sell and trade.

I realise this would take some time and work to implement and it wouldn't be easy, but it seem nuts people having to leave their agencies and join another one to buy, sell and trade when there is a shop.

It would also mean that a newbie player who keeps getting Gold Bangles could trade anohter Newbie for the Chemistry sets they keep getting.

I know there was some opposition to this idea before and justified opposition but this is all going on now anyway.
And this will just make the whole process fairer and more open to everyone.



Jul-10-2007 11:43

There is another (different) way that the Detective Shop can be changed that might be helpful.

People sell whatever items they don't want to the shop. Those items then become available for other people to buy. Not at a player-created price; each item would have a standard selling price.

Okay, perhaps it's not exciting. But it does a couple of things: it makes those items unwanted by person A available to anyone else, and it keeps people from charging insanely high prices or undercutting each other too rabidly. Yes, doing both of those things may be fun and realistic, but I'd kind of like my entertainment to be more fair than real life.

If a person can't afford something (I'm sure AV hunt items would be very expensive), then they can't have it. Or perhaps they have to choose between the awesome coat and the awesome accessory, instead of getting both. In any case, the seller offloads the item to the shop, it is no longer connected to them in any way - so, if they are forced to retire, the item isn't lost to someone who wants to buy it.

And if people still want to trade, then they are able to do so, using the current systems for trading.


Jul-12-2007 22:26

Sleuthbay ahoy!!!

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