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Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-5-2007 14:24

If you want help for a few days clearing cases or want to have some one to solve some A.Is for you to gain equipment, PM Lady Emerald Devon or Lady Ruby Caplan.

I will not be paying my travel cost though as LED still has F.As from when she was retired that need paying off, however whatever profit or equipment I earn while in your agency is all yours.

PM me and we'll arrange if I can drop in and help.

(Check my bios to see what contacts I have in each city.)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-11-2007 11:07

And he's housetrained :D

Seriously though, this isn't just for new people or small agencies.
Even if you are a big, old, established agency and are missing a PE contact and either Raven, LED or LRC has it, we can come in and help you clear cases.

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