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Consulting Detectives Available

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-5-2007 14:24

If you want help for a few days clearing cases or want to have some one to solve some A.Is for you to gain equipment, PM Lady Emerald Devon or Lady Ruby Caplan.

I will not be paying my travel cost though as LED still has F.As from when she was retired that need paying off, however whatever profit or equipment I earn while in your agency is all yours.

PM me and we'll arrange if I can drop in and help.

(Check my bios to see what contacts I have in each city.)


Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-5-2007 14:36

(Also check my bio to see if I am in your city :) )

If anyone else wants to help out Newbie Agencies or are freelance at the moment, feel free to put your names down here.


Jul-5-2007 14:44

Do you have any space for me?

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-5-2007 14:48

Sorry to be unclear. I'm not an agency or really in one :)
But since I have all my PE and WE for all four cities, I can help out other agencies if they need someone to check PE or WE for which they don't have a contact :)

I'll also be able to do (some, :) I have to quit sometimes) A.Is which instead of money give an equipment reward. For agencies that are starting out this may help with gear.

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-10-2007 02:38

I've had a few PMs asking why I am doing this.

When I started Sleuth I was lucky to join a great agency and had a lot of help and support from Dionne Dawson and Blueberry Hill.
As a newbie, everyone I talked too or asked for advice was more than helpful.
Some of those people are still around today while others I still miss as they no longer play.

Throughout my time in Sleuth, the community has been wonderful. There is always someone there to talk too and inevitably you get a PM saying hi just when you need one.

The love and support in this community is like no other I've seen.
When LED retired the flood of help, support, PMs and virtual hugs was amazing.
The work and effort that other people and other agencies put in to help Lady Ruby Caplan get to Lady Emerald Devon's stage was amazing.

This is my way of thanking all those people and agencies, and my way of thanking Sleuth itself.

I'm not helping you because I want something in return, instead I'm paying it forward to you as everyone has for me. I'm merely trying to put a tiny dent in the major debt I own Sleuth and it's community :)

Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Jul-11-2007 10:14

I would like to announce my services also as a consultant.

I can help out with cases, am willing to travel and do not require payment. I've got my contacts in every city, my own gear and my own apartment. I love to travel and help out others.

So PM me and I can drop in to help if I can.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-11-2007 11:07

And he's housetrained :D

Seriously though, this isn't just for new people or small agencies.
Even if you are a big, old, established agency and are missing a PE contact and either Raven, LED or LRC has it, we can come in and help you clear cases.

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