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Just curious

Ella Queen
Ella Queen

Jun-19-2007 03:34

I got a 'new' thing in a case I just finished. Until now I never experienced that one of the people I questioned accuse another person who even could not have done the murder. (Real alibi.)
Is this a common thing in the game and did I by accident never have this before or is it a bug or something?


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jun-19-2007 03:42

Yes, this is normal. Some of your witness evidence (WE) will point to people with real alibis, just as some of your physical evidence (PE) will point to people with real alibis.

Safety Officer

Jun-19-2007 05:14

No Alibi / Fake + PE = GUILTY
No Alibi / Fake + WE = GUILTY

PE + WE by itself does NOT = Guilty!

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