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Gracious Maximus
Gracious Maximus
Old Shoe

May-17-2007 18:53

What are the biggest advantages (and downfalls) to joining an agency? Also, would somebody be better off sticking with a group who is more closely skilled or joining a more experienced one? I guess I kind of need to be sold on the whole agency thing, but I'm open-minded. I'm in New York if any agency is interested in giving me their sales pitch or telling me I'm not worth your time--whatever. I'm both intrigued and skeptical.


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-17-2007 19:57

PM sent Gracious!

Safety Officer

May-17-2007 21:23

A general rambly answer, sorry...

The best thing about Agencies is that there are sooo many you're bound to find a good fit if you hang out and be a little judicious.

The first offer isn't necessarily the best...

There are Agencies focussed on winning Treasure Hunts :D there are Agencies just focusing on Villain Hunts, there are those doing a mixture of both, there are those just purely training new sleuths how to play.

There aren't any 'bad' Agencies at Sleuth. People have their personal preferences sure, but it's all about what suits you best. How YOU best want to use your time here.

Ask around, that's the best advice I can give.


Others can wax more lyrically than I on the GREAT social aspects of Agencies, but in terms of 'practical' issues, HELP would be the No. 1 thing agencies offer.

Learning to play the game, help with your cases, help leveling up, etc All good agencies will give their agents as much, OR as little help as they desire. Like I said, 'some' focus purely on 'training', but all 'will' help!

There are other things; being able to store your unused case files (and play others cases they don't want to do) AND store collected gear and have access to better gear than you would be able to get when you're in to the game, are the main two I think.

Disadvantages, none really. As long as you shop around a bit.

If you're looking to further your detective don't get stuck in an Agency that just wants you to cycle through easies to further their Treasure Hunt push, or an Agency that has all it's members doing Villain Hunts and no-one to help you with your cases. Things to think about.

And look, to be honest, there are people who've had crappy experiences in Agencies before. Sometimes personalities just don't gel, and things don't work out the way they're planned, but then that's life now isn't it.

Good luck! Have a great time playing Sleuth, and I hope you're happy with your Agency choice when you make it.

Safety Officer

May-18-2007 21:15

lol good choice (imho) :)

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