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Famous first words
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Old Shoe

May-12-2007 01:39

The learning curve on this game is steep like whoosh, and one of the really cool things about the community aspect of it, getting to know someone over a period of days.months.years is how we all get to see their.our.your personalities gradually emerge over time.

SO. First person to post the correct answer gets (which means IS OBLIGATED, for all you rule-scanners) to post the next one.

No fair guessing on your own.

No fair checking post histories before you guess.

Guess whose first post this is (we'll start with a /ridiculously/ easy one):

"I have a couple of questions I'd like some feedback on. Please Answer by replying to this post.

1) Is the game fun? Really fun, kind of fun, funner than going to the dentist?

2) Can you think of anything that would make the game more fun?

3) Is the game too hard? Too easy?

-Ben "


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Feb-7-2008 06:37

Let's try this again.

Anikka, you directed your question to "Okies" thats why no one answered. I'm not an Okie either but my dad was . Note the *was*, he's no longer with us in this world. So lets start anew... and super easy

"OK guys be kind b-cuz I am SOOOOO new to this game but,

How R U supposed to catch a murdrer without getting killed urself? I quite like 3 cases already because someone threw a knife at me, & I DONT want to die!!

Lucky Stiff

Jun-4-2008 05:18

LOL Sophie that must surely be our one and only lovely Sleuthgirl Ciara?!?!

Ok I kinda cheated to find the next example but here we go...

"I would like to join a small agency. Anyone want to hire me?"

Battered Shoe

Oct-12-2008 22:47

Let's bring this thread back. It was great fun.

looking for an agency to join or to start one, I have subscribed but don't see anthing that gets me anywhere!

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jun-3-2010 16:39

That would be ctown28.

I have a bad habit of guessing who's the perp. And I don't always get lucky. So I went to the "shady character" found in all the bars. He charged only a few hundred.

I didn't learn my lesson. After another two strikes I come back to him and I'm charged nearly $10,000! I had to save up for this. But to make matters worse, the price would raise every time I had just enough, to make me a few bucks short.

It was only until I sold an expensive item that my nightmare ended. I won't accuse without certainty again, but I still want to know why this happened to me or happens to us all...before I decide to stop Shady's head.

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