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Seeking active agency

Laura Bamber
Laura Bamber

Apr-19-2007 09:18

My agency seems to have become inactive and I'm bored of being alone, having no help with case files, evidence analysis or treasure hunting.
I have the tailor and the concierge contacts in London, decent equipment and saving for a larger place in London, although my skills are still mediocre.
Preferably I would like to find another London agency, although I like to travel and would consider relocating somewhere else.
I won't be able to reply to messages or posts until Sunday as the pop-ups on the computer I'm using at the moment don't work properly, so I will take a few days to reply.



Apr-20-2007 09:49

Wow, you are right, there are a lot of inactive detectives in your agency. Although Fat Kitten is no longer recruiting, there are many agencies looking for experienced players. I would recommend PMing some who are advertising.


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