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Sleuth Matchmaker!
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Old Shoe

Apr-8-2007 23:57

Ahh springtime...romance is in the air...

Oh wait, that's dander and pollen...

No I was right! It *IS* romance!

It has been quite astutely pointed out to me (by someone who wishes to remain anonymous because he does not want to appear to be "on the prowl for sleuth meat") that we lack a good "Sleuthy couples" game. Pretty simple stuff here...someone throws out a name, someone else suggests someone who would be a good match (and a reason, please... likes/dislikes; chance of successful breeding; known allergies; cankle fetishes, etc), then suggests another name.

Like this:

Adam Carter

Now, you're probably all just soooooo sure i'm gonna call Ms. Helen out here. And I could...they both understand a 'cornish pastie' to be something OTHER than what the Jolly Green Giant covers his nipples with when he's pole dancing...ho ho ho!

But their love, I gather, is purely Platonic (which to me means triggered by togas, which sadly are not yet an approved coat), so I'm going in another direction. Adam, for thee, I choose this person:

(reasons'll be clear in a sec...:) )

That was just for showsies, so Adam's still in play.

Get it? Good!

OH one more rule: NO REAL COUPLES!
OH OH! One more other rule: RL relationship status is irrelevant! Everyone's fair game when the lights are low :)

*spins the sleuth wheel of love*

ladies and gentlemen, your first bachelor or bachelorette is *squints*:


(take it away, Al-Qahirah! And take your time. We at SMRT don't mind a bit :P )

Get your vicarious freak on!


Lucky Stiff

May-12-2007 21:41

I completely agree! Good match, lots of tension there lol...

How about J-ro? Remember, no real life couples so Autumn is OUT :)

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