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How to deal with Hard cases?


Apr-6-2007 01:55

Can anyone send me a message on how to deal with hard cases? I've tried one and it really freak me out cause almost all the suspects' alibi were false. Please help me. :)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-6-2007 02:27

You have to match the PE (thread, note, etc) up to a fake alibi. Once you have a piece of PE matching someone with a fake alibi you can accuse them.
If hard level cases are too hard for you, probably means you neecd to go back to the lower ones until you can build mor skills for your detective.

Old Shoe

Apr-8-2007 09:15

Lily, there's always a minimum of two pieces of physical evidence in every case, but your detective doesn't always find them all if you haven't bought all your basic smart skills. Check out the "Wrong Clue (I'm new)" post just a couple of doors down :)

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