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The Sad Story of your false accusations
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Detective Matteo
Detective Matteo

Mar-28-2007 10:24

2 suspect left Tom and Jerry
8 witness on 11 didn't suspect Tom
2 P.E. remaining.. used the bribe to see if one of it was from Tom and it wasn't
Took a chance on Jerry and.. Shady smiled

Another one..
2 suspect left with a P.E. each.. Got a W.E. on one of em.. Took another chance and... Shady made a broader smile..

Time fo find a well paid work...


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-22-2007 12:17

I cannot stress this enough!!!

It is always better to quit a case than risk the chance of getting a false accusation, and there are no penalties for quitting cases!


Apr-23-2007 10:35

Yep and now I am trying to be as careful as possible. I m thinking of getting a sub too...

Lucky Stiff

Apr-23-2007 10:41

You should, there's a lot of great perks to subscribing :)

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jul-26-2012 09:05

An incredibly hard case? Again?

I won't even bother to go into detail. I could say that I actually forgot to count the number of suspects. I think that explains it.

I am so mad at myself. I wish I had some real alibi suspect turn out the culprit like some players said it did a while ago. Or... I wish I guessed?! lol

I manage to make falsies in incredibly hard cases and now the one I made about an hour ago tells me that I kind of do most of my cases automatically.

Here's a to do or not to do list for that matter for a better, hopeful, brighter Sleuth future, haha:

* I will not listen to Roadrunner by the Sex Pistols again, or any song of Sex Pistols thereof and neither James, when I'm doing cases, especially the easier ones.

* I will not let my smaller cat inside the room. She is a psychopath and has Munchausen Syndrome.

*I will not listen to Ted Talks videos and documentaries while I'm doing cases.

* I will not dream about overthrowing the government as I am doing cases, lol. By far, this turned out to be a major distraction. Yes. This one.

* I will not think of those things that I will probably be unaware that I was thinking of. Hmm. I don't know how I will manage to do that though. Autosuggestions that say "get back to it" every 30 seconds?

* I will not let parts of my brain go to sleep.

* I just will not.


Lost about 2.5 million xp up until now. 66-70 skill points. 500 grand. All contacts, twice. A peacock. A big smooth.

Lack of patience is such a bad, bad thing.

While the admins may actually be the Skywalker family, I am not a Jedi :) I am not young either.

Enough with the part that I laughed at myself: I would like to thank my former director Night Queen. I am sorry for my misbehavior, which I would probably repeat if you got me back. lol. So no matter what you do, I should let you know: You rock!!!

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