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New Little Job Questions courtesy of Rosamund Clifford
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-27-2007 01:06

Time to head back to the library.

The Grand Dame of Grammar, Mme Rosamund Clifford has kindly researched and submitted a brand new crop of little job questions available from the bosses of the six factions.

The new questions cover literature from some old favorites and a few worthy authors who had been unfairly excluded from our brain teasers up until now:

Agatha Christie
Iain Pears
Ellis Peters
Dorothy L. Sayers
PD James

In other Trivial News:

Secret_Squirrel has submitted a tricky looking set of puzzlers regarding the Amelia Peabody series, penned by Elizabeth Peters. I hope to have those up later this week.

Good luck, and Sleuth Strong.



Mar-30-2007 12:22

Cordelia, Have you seen the TV series of Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries?

Queen Shayna
Queen Shayna

Apr-3-2007 21:27

Yes, I've run into some of those. Refreshing to have new material. But I've been wondering - what about Sue Grafton? She rocks!

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