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Detective Biography

My name is Shayna Queen.

I grew up on the streets. I didn't come from a broken home, but one that was smashed to pieces on the shoals of hard luck. I learned early that to make it through the mine field of life, I'd need all the cunning I possessed or could acquire. One thing I've never done and can't tolerate in others: I've never sunk into self-pity.

So I grew up fast. As soon as I turned 16, I left home. At that age, the only jobs I was offered were hawking newspapers or turning tricks. Neither appealed to me. Finally, I conned my way into the employ of Tony Darman, private investigator, to do the drudge work of poring over public records for information pertaining to his cases and his clients. Tony always said, "Just because you're working for them don't guarantee they ain't bums." That's one of the many pearls of wisdom he shared with me over the years.

Looking back, I suppose it was actually Tony who conned me by letting me think I'd conned him. And though I was young, I wasn't naive. I knew that my natural charms got me the job. Tony had the decency to wait until I turned 18 before he put the moves on me. Or maybe it was because he didn't want to risk a statutory rape charge. I never did figure him out 100%. He was wily and sly and knew more about human nature than most people twice his age, which was 52 at the time.

Anyway, he taught me everything I know about investigation and the pleasures of the flesh. Where he learned it all he never let on, but I've never known an investigator - or a lover - who could hold a candle to him. If I ever meet a man with half Tony's skill in the latter department, I'll latch onto him and never let him go.

Tony died 2 years ago at the age of 58. He was cut down by a bullet in a dark alley one night and that crime is still unsolved. One day,I'll find his murderer and that's the day I'll become a killer myself.

I like to think that Tony watches over me. I like to think that once he feels that I'm ready to handle it, he'll somehow help me find his killer and avenge him. Until then, I take each case as it comes and work to hone my skills. Who knows? Today might be the day I even the score.
If you'd like to visit my apartment in New York and see this story unfold on my dining set bulletin board, send me a message and I'll send you an invitation. All rights to this story are reserved and may not be reproduced by any means or quoted extensively without the express permission of the author. Any quotes or references in public to the story of Tony Darman and Shayna must cite "Queen Shayna" as the author. (Queen Shayna is a pseudonym of yours truly, aka Yarnalee, aka my real name which I decline to give here


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