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Slowing down hunts
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Sep-26-2004 11:58

I know some folks really LOVE the excitement and speed hunts have taken on but I am finding the way we need to troll the waters at 12.06 and 00:06 - and the way the hunts vanish within an hour or two max - is a little like a shark feeding frenzy.

I miss being able to log on any time, and still be likely to find a hunt in progress.

Maybe if the favors were dribbled out at random times - like "You got the bartender to tell you the waiter had the next key - but the waiter was called away for an errand and they didn't know when she would be back" You would have to keep checking back, since the time the 'waiter' came back would be unpredictable. Also teammates who came in at other times could help more.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Sep-29-2004 14:54

I don't want hunts starting immediately. I'll look into random start times.

For now, I've made a couple of adjustments that may help...

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