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Buying Skills for The Unread Will
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Thomas Hunter
Thomas Hunter

Mar-11-2007 11:34

Hey, I'm working on The Unread Will. I tried it yesterday, but ran out of money before I could figure it out, so I had to quit. Well, today I have almost $2K, so I think I have enough to bribe all the people.

My question is, which skill should I buy before I start the case?

I remember one of my problems yesterday was that when people clammed up, I could only use my interrogation skill, and that wouldn't work all of the time.

Here are the skills I can buy:

Stress Detection
Sweet Talking
Rule Bending
Judge of Character
Advanced Hair Analysis

I don't want Stress Detection yet, but I can't decide which of the other ones is more important.
Should I get Sweet Talking so that I can either use that or Interrogation for the suspects?
Should I get Judge of Character so that I know which one to use on them?
Should I get rule bending so that I don't have to blow a bunch of money?
Should I get Advanced Hair Analysis so that I can narrow down my suspects?
Or should I get Flirting...for whatever reason.

I'm at a dilemma, and I don't want to have to quit this one again. Can somebody give me an opinion?



Mar-12-2007 15:31

As per my previous response: get the charming interview skills first: rule bending, sweet talking, advanced sweet talking and rule bending and flirting. Stress detection will not help you unclamm suspects. It is just a nice to have skill.

And also, suspects will always clamm up eventually. There are only so many questions you will be able to ask, no matter how good your equipment or skills.


Mar-14-2007 04:01


The unread will is a featured mystery. Those are harder then "normal" cases. Most of them are for subscribers only. The reason you can open the unread will is that Ben hopes to atract new subscribers by affording this one for free.
There will be no other FMs you can do, if you wont sub. And this one wont change or dissapear. So wait till you have more exp and skills before you try it again.

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