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Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Mar-9-2007 16:02

This message goes out to all detectives, new and old who are interested in joining an agency. Right now things are really slow at Blood & Dagger: Shanghai, but hopefully, with some new blood, things will get going again. We have the basics that most agencies housed in bigger headquarters would have. And with the older detectives in the agency having advanced skills, you'll be able to store cases and pick them back up without having to quit as many.

For those interested in treasure hunting, we haven't done much hunting in a while, but do have 3 treasures under our belt, so we know how to. We have an open message board where people can say what they'd like to see and get responded to.

We're also available for those who just want to have a home to sleuth, and get the help of more experienced detectives.

Anyone interested can PM me, Elka, or Chelsea Bando. Our re-designed website is located at for all of those interested.



Apr-28-2007 12:59

Anymore spots left? i was in an agency before but my subscription expired and i'm looking for a new place to go.


Apr-28-2007 13:22

We're looking for some ACTIVE and SUBSCRIBED detective's for BLOOD & DAGGER: DELHI. All of our members are practically inactive, and our agency is in a crisis right now. M and my double, Peg Leg Writer, are the only active sleuthers around here.

Anyone who has reached the 1000,000 experience mark or more will be granted instant Director status. Any other willing detective's will receive a sign on bonus depending on how early they want to join. (Similar to Lucian's method with the Shanghai division).

This is how it will work:
Joining today >>> $8000
Joining tomorrow (29th)>>> $6000
Joining on the 30th >>> $4000
Joining on the 1st of May >>> $2000

No bonus will be given after the 1st of May passes. So, if I were you, I'd take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and join our agency division as soon as possible. We're counting on some savior to enter our agency, as we're in grave danger right now. Help us!

The Blood & Dagger Team - Delhi Division


May-12-2007 21:54

i had my invite i am real interested and joined and then got retired. how can i join back up?

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