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New Skills
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Battered Shoe

Feb-21-2007 18:35

I know that there are several older threads addressing this issue, but I thought I'd make a new one for fun. I have all the skills available except for trap detection, which I can't get anyway because I went for hostage negotiation instead. I know there are many people here with lots of unused skill points--what new skills would you like to see offered?

I have a few suggestions:

--Key to the City: Shangri La City (country? whatever), that is. Based on either skill points or maybe even number of AVH's completed (10? 20?), this skill allows you to enter the Prince's Palace without having to do the infuriating legwork.

--Advanced Crime Scene Search: Enables detectives to analyze one piece of evidence that the initial crime scene search might not have uncovered.

I think that a VERY expensive skill--20, 30, 40 skill points, or more--would be very welcome in the game. It would give newer players something to shoot for, and be a reward for very experienced players with a glut of skill points waiting to be spent.


Old Shoe

Feb-27-2007 02:11

I like that one. Maybe 30 skill points can buy you "Veteran's Experience" or "Veteran's Leeway" or something like that, where because your detective is so experienced in solving crimes, they can remove one FA or that one FA could be "overlooked" (one time use per 30 skill points). Kind of like getting points off of your license for not getting any more tickets.

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