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Asking townies questions

Larry the Toe
Larry the Toe

Feb-8-2007 00:45

What exactly is the point of asking the townies a question which you have to type? Because each time I type something it either comes " I don't know anything about that" or it goes back to the map.


Old Shoe

Feb-8-2007 01:25

Hey Larry,

Asking townie questions is a feature which is really only useful for subscribed detectives with at least 100 000 experience. If you're just sick and tired of hearing the same old negativity coming out of their mouths, you can try asking about Big Lucy or Cairo.

Also, you should have a look at the 'Welcome Newbies' thread stickied to the top of this board. Pretty much all of this kind of stuff is nicely covered there.

Larry the Toe
Larry the Toe

Feb-9-2007 09:12

Thanks crunch!

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