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Quitting Cases as per Faction Requests

Ceana Craig
Ceana Craig

Sep-14-2004 01:34

Sorry that I post soooo many questions.
But, when a faction asks you to drop a case, why doesn't your standing with them improve if you immediately quit that case? I should have thought that quitting the case would have the reverse effect on your standings with the factions as solving the case does.

Just wondering, as I was a bit confused.





Sep-14-2004 05:42

Quitting a faction case does not earn you credit with a particular faction. Only completing the case will earn you credit per the cut-scene. If you quit a case, you will avoid losing points with that faction.

In general I usually don't quit cases that are disagreeable to the faction I'm "in" with. You can earn more points with them by doing "little jobs," and I believe you only lose one point with them by completing a disagreeable case.


Sep-14-2004 15:06

If I am trying to change factions, I will trade cases with others in my agency if they are down for the group I am trying to get in with, or if someone in my agency is trying to change.

Ceana Craig
Ceana Craig

Sep-15-2004 03:12

Good thought, Elven!!! I had not thought of that. I have another newer character who is wanting into a faction and doesn't want on their wrong-side. Guess I'll have to get him into an agency.

Yes, it is a him. ;-)

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