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SleuthCon I
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Rhiemma Moon
Rhiemma Moon

Jan-22-2007 04:06

Announcing the First Annual Sleuther's Convention:


Who? You
When? June 15-17, 2007
Where? Best Western Lakeside, Orlando (Kissimmee), FL
What? The cost for attending will be $125. This does not include your room, but does include meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday) and activities. Rooms will be $69.00 per night booked in advance through the hotel. Simply tell the booking agent that you are attending SleuthCon I.


The evening of June 15th will essentially be a chance for people to get checked in and organized. It will also serve as a time for introducing ourselves to each other.

Saturday the 16th will be the main day of activities including a treasure hunt and concluding with a mystery dinner theater. There will be door prizes as well as other prize categories to be announced, such as farthest distance traveled to attend. Sunday will conclude the event with breakfast and gathering in the meeting room to hand out the last prizes and say our farewells.

As the event approaches I will have more detail on activities and prizes. I highly recommend booking early as the rooms will fill fast. Comments and suggestions will be duly noted and possibly used. :)

Hotel info is here:

It is best to call them as you will need to tell them you are attending SleuthCon I to get the reduced rate.

We will have it set up soon to take payments to reserve your spot at the convention. I will update here as soon as I have the particulars.



Jun-22-2007 20:12

smiles... see what everyone missed... I gave out massages Saturday morning... now dont you wish you were there?? smiles

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