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Break in Case of Missing Detective
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-20-2007 21:03

The New York Times
All the news that's fit to print

by Breit Katherine Pfeiffer Adams

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Police investigators believe they have discovered the whereabouts of missing detective, Barry Grant. Grant was reported missing three days about by a friend of his, Rebecca Franks. "I was supposed to meet him at Big Lucy's that night but he never showed."

Grant, Global Sleuth Syndicate Ambassador from Shanghai, had been working at the Blue Pagoda Agency on a Good Will mission at the time of his disappearance. "He was becoming a much relied upon detective." Lady jasNmushu, a Director at Blue Pagoda Agency, said of the missing detective.

Police have reason to believe that Grant was abducted by operatives from HYDRA while on his way to Big Lucy's. "I was meeting him at the corner of Eleventh Avenue and 42nd Street that night." recounted a teary-eyed divorcee Mrs. Franks. "He never showed."

Chief Inspector James Mulligan was able to determine the last place Grant was seen. "Cyrus Tibby recalls serving Mr. Grant a Tom Collins around 7 pm that night. After that, Mr. Grant left the premises and that was the last anyone had seen of him."

This reporter secured an interview with the elusive Larry the Toe. "I don't know anything about that." was his response to all my questions.

There was a break in the investigation when a shady character finally stepped forward to reveal he saw a tall man with a hat being forced into a car. This shady character, who prefers to remain anonymous, was unable to make out the license plate number but he recognized the car and the man doing the abducting. "I've seen that happen before. Same guy. Same car."

Policed will not disclose any more details for fear it could put Mr. Grant's life in jeopardy. Chief Inspector Mulligan's final word: "We don't want to lose any more detectives to that fiendish group."



Feb-3-2007 12:18

Andrea knocked on the door and entered the hospital room. Barry looked a great deal perkier today. She saw he was eating the hospital food and enjoying it not one bit.

"Hello Barry!" - she said, swooping down to give him a quick kiss - "That looks absolutely terrible. I think I have something here that might cheer you up"

"Hello Andrea!" - he said - "Yes, this is awful. You have something for me?"

"I had my friend Serges bake you one of his famous lasagnas" - she told him - "Maybe you will prefer this over that mushy meatloaf?"

He barely nodded before he started attacking the lasagna with obvious gusto. Andrea sat next to him and noticed a piece of paper on the bedstand.

"What is this?"- she asked

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-3-2007 12:23

Barry had a mouthful of lasagna when he turned to look at what Andrea was talking about. He chewed and swallowed quickly and said, "Oh, a telegram came from Amber Leigh. She's feeling a little bad about everything. I'm going to respond to her and tell her not to worry about it."

Barry was going to go on to say he was going to tell Amber that the problem is bigger than everyone thought and she couldn't be made to blame when Andrea interrupted him.


Feb-3-2007 12:29

"Come again??" - her were flashing in anger again - "You are going to tell her not to worry about it? Barry, they must have knocked your head worse than I previously though!"

"Andrea, sweatheart..." - Barry tried to calm her down.

"If it wouldn't have been for her and her silly fling, none of this would have happened! You would be back at Closers and maybe I would not be stuck here instead of doing my JOB!" - she was furiously pacing the room.

"Andrea...I.." - Barry tried one more time.

"NO!" - she said - "If you think this is no big deal, THINK AGAIN!"

She stood up and started making her way to the door.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-3-2007 12:44

Barry started getting annoyed. He's had this conversation with Andrea before. She knows Amber was young. She knows she was in love. He could not believe she could not understand how that affects a person. Barry said firmly, "ANDREA." which made her stop but she didn't turn around. Barry could see she was shaking but wasn't sure if it was from anger or fear.

He took the food off his lap and placed it on the side table. He then carefully swung his legs over the edge of the bed and, like he did the day before, stood up. He walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders and bent down a bit to put his mouth very close to her ear and whispered. "I'm OK. I'm not in any danger now. There's no sense in blaming anyone for anything. Things happen and some are not controllable." He could smell her perfume and it was as intoxicating as ever. He took a deep breath and continued.

"I don't want you to feel like you're stuck here. I would never ask you to give up your job for me, you know that. If you want to go back to London then please do. I'll be fine. I'm under the best care here." He began to turn her around...


Feb-3-2007 12:54

Andrea stiffened and would not let him turn her. She did not want him to see her angry tears. She wiped them off, took a deep breath, and tried to relax.

She finally turned around and looked at him. Seeing all those bruises and stitches brought it all back and she almost started crying again, but she mustered some control and held it back.

"Barry, I understand. What is done is done. I know there is no sense in being mad at anyone anymore. It is over and you are safe. At least for now." -she said as she took his hands in hers.

"I came here because I thought you needed me. I see now that you are fine and will probably be released soon. I think I am going to head back to London now"

Barry's dissappointment was palpable.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-3-2007 13:00

Meanwhile, someone else was preparing to leave to London.

Violet Parr was pacing the floors of her New York hotel room. She did not make her way back to Moonlighting headquarters that night, as she had to leave to London early the next morning. Her hotel room was very small, and she was very glad to note that it was even smaller than her London studio.

Miss Parr felt like she was being watched, but then again that feeling never left her. She was somewhat upset with her herself: for letting her guard down, and for allowing herself to take the enormous risk of visiting Barry Grant. Though he helped her in the past, and though she could not escape the eternal gratitude that she owed him, the risk she put herself as well as his before was not justifiable.

Her attention turned back to the hotel room. She smiled with satisfaction, though the room was small, she chose the hotel very well. Of course she had to stay at it under a pseudo name. She admired her reflection in the mirror hung on the west wall of the room. Clean living and good-manners, though expensive habits, gave her a radiant glow.

It dawned on her suddenly that her visitation, though seemed to her necessary, was to an extent vulgar and rude in nature. She did not weigh out the consequences of her visit, and she did not even announce herself or go through the proper channels, methods or the like to visit Mr. Grant. She could not!

She had compromised her strict system of morality, and undermined the way she was raised and brought up. She got up and decisively made her way down to the hotel concierge.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-3-2007 13:01

Miss Parr asked to use any available typewriter. She was afforded one, and, when she made sure no one was watching her, she proceeded to write Mr. Barry Grant a letter of apology. After all, it was only polite.

“Dear Mr. Grant,

I hope this letter finds you well.

In retrospect, I realise that my visit carried a lot of unnecessary risk for both of us, but I acted on impulse and had to see you to believe you were all right.

I have come across bits and pieces of information that implied inevitable danger may come your way. I still do not understand how a gentleman like yourself can have so many enemies...

I believe I am still very new to this underground world to fully comprehend the magnitude of this situation. This is why I shall keep my warning to you very vague as I myself wish to evade danger at all costs. I am after all still providing for my parents, though I do not see them very often for their own sake and well-being.

Your loss would be mourned by people that you know very well, and those that you do not know at all. I hope my visit shed light on the fact that you are greatly admired and regarded even by people who may keep a low profile for various reasons and motives.

Try not to travel alone much once you leave the hospital, be on your guard, and be safe.

Yours very truly,

Miss Violet Parr”

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Feb-3-2007 13:15

Barry could see she had been crying and could not believe what she said. "Andrea, of course I need you. I'm convinced it's you being here that has enabled me to get up and start walking so quickly."

Andrea lowered her eyes. Barry took her chin and raised her head up to look into her eyes. "Of course I would prefer it if you stayed longer but I know you have a job to do." He cupped her face. He could see a tear starting to form. He hated to see her like that. He bent down and kissed her. She smiled weakly. He wrapped his arms around her as best he could and kissed her again.

It was growing into a very passionate kiss. For a moment they forgot they were in a hospital until Barry stopped suddenly. "Wait." he said and released her.

He walked to the door and placed the chair under the door knob. He turned to her and said, "I will miss you a great deal when you return to London." He walked towards her. "I will try to come see you as soon as I can." He took her hand. "I will do everything in my power to get better," He led her to the bed. "as quickly as I can." He sat down on the bed. "Just, please, don't leave right now."

Andrea turned to look at the chair under the door knob. It appeared to be securely positioned. She turned back to Barry, smiled, and said, "OK, darling, I won't leave just yet." and sat down beside him.

Old Shoe

Feb-4-2007 00:00

Yoyo approached Barry's room, it had taken time for OMEGA to let him into the top secret hospital. But it was all nessecary for security reasons.
Yoyo saw that Barry and Andrea were in the room. He leant on the door frame and said 'Evening stranger' with a smile.
'Yoyo! What are you doing here?!' Barry said.
'I'm an ambassador now. Hi Andrea.'
'Hi Yoyo' replied Andrea.
'I'm helping out an agency to set up. Wanted to see how your doing. I can tell that with Andrea here your just fine.'
'Well sit down Yoyo' Barry said.
'Can't sorry. Gotta work. But Barry' He walked up to him and whispered in his ear 'Keep this, just in case'. With that he slipped a revolver into his bed side table. Speaking normally now 'Be careful Barry. Oh and Andrea, try not to wear him out' With a wink he left the room.

Pinball Amateur

Feb-4-2007 03:25

Early the next morning, Barry was awakened by two doctors coming into his room as they were busily poring over a medical chart and debating various concerns between them. Dave looked up from examining a chest x-ray film and smiled cheerfully at Barry, "Hi there, Barry. I see you've been staying outta the marathons like I told you to. Good!" He turned and indicated the man beside him, "You met Pete Finst here the other day, when you had that little problem with one of your medicines. He's the Chief of Surgery here at the hospital. Pete's gonna listen to your chest for a minute, if you don't mind."

Dr. Finst listened to Barry's chest with his stethoscope for a minute, then nodded at Dave, "Sounds good, all things considering. No sign of congestion or pneumonia. He should be okay as long as those bandages stay wrapped tight." He wrote some notes in Barry's chart briefly, then smiled at them as he left, "Take care, Mr. Grant. Let me know if you need anything. If you two will excuse me, I'll go see to my other patients," and he was gone.

Barry grinned at that, "Does that mean I can get out of here finally, Doctor? I'd like to get back to work."

Dave snickered loudly, then scowled at Barry. "You're lucky to be upright and vertical," Dave retorted, "What're you trying to do, kill yourself all over again? You've got six cracked ribs and a busted-up face, not to mention that broken wing of yours. You need to be taking it easy for at least another month."

"A MONTH?" Barry roared, "You're gonna keep me here for another MONTH?"

"Of course not," Dave replied mildly, "you're not in critical condition anymore. We need the bed for serious cases. But you're not headin' back to work either. Your body's not ready for that."

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