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Break in Case of Missing Detective
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-20-2007 21:03

The New York Times
All the news that's fit to print

by Breit Katherine Pfeiffer Adams

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Police investigators believe they have discovered the whereabouts of missing detective, Barry Grant. Grant was reported missing three days about by a friend of his, Rebecca Franks. "I was supposed to meet him at Big Lucy's that night but he never showed."

Grant, Global Sleuth Syndicate Ambassador from Shanghai, had been working at the Blue Pagoda Agency on a Good Will mission at the time of his disappearance. "He was becoming a much relied upon detective." Lady jasNmushu, a Director at Blue Pagoda Agency, said of the missing detective.

Police have reason to believe that Grant was abducted by operatives from HYDRA while on his way to Big Lucy's. "I was meeting him at the corner of Eleventh Avenue and 42nd Street that night." recounted a teary-eyed divorcee Mrs. Franks. "He never showed."

Chief Inspector James Mulligan was able to determine the last place Grant was seen. "Cyrus Tibby recalls serving Mr. Grant a Tom Collins around 7 pm that night. After that, Mr. Grant left the premises and that was the last anyone had seen of him."

This reporter secured an interview with the elusive Larry the Toe. "I don't know anything about that." was his response to all my questions.

There was a break in the investigation when a shady character finally stepped forward to reveal he saw a tall man with a hat being forced into a car. This shady character, who prefers to remain anonymous, was unable to make out the license plate number but he recognized the car and the man doing the abducting. "I've seen that happen before. Same guy. Same car."

Policed will not disclose any more details for fear it could put Mr. Grant's life in jeopardy. Chief Inspector Mulligan's final word: "We don't want to lose any more detectives to that fiendish group."



Jan-28-2007 14:02

The nurse looked none too happy at the sigh of Andrea and Barry kissing on a hospital bed. She gave Andrea a glare as she exited. As she stood by the door, she glares back at the red-headed nurse and asked:

"Is there a problem, Nurse?" - her eyes were flashing.

Slightly startled at the sigh of the beautiful woman's face flushed in anger, she responded:

"Not at all, Miss" - she said, walking towards the bed - " try not to tire him out every time you visit ok?"

"I'll keep that in mind" - Andrea told her - "Have a good day"

Andrea smiled as she was escorted back to her quarters. She knew Barry would make a full recovery after all.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-28-2007 14:02

A clumsy delivery boy holding a vase of purple flowers stumbles into the room in the middle of the emotionally intense conversation.

"Delivery from Miss Violet Parr!" he rudely announces.

He sets the flowers clumsily on the table nearly tipping over the vase. "Sorry this took so long, apparently Miss Parr left to London before paying for those... Silly mix up!"

When the delivery boy got no response from either Barry or Andrea, he continued. "They're African Violets if you must know... the flowers."

With that he discreetly left the room.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-29-2007 14:48

Barry woke up and found he could open both eyes. The one that had been swollen wasn't opening all the way, but it was a start. He laid there for a bit listening to the sounds from the hallway and outside from the window. He could not really figure out where he was much less what city he was in. He supposed it didn't matter. He felt lucky to be alive.

The memory of what Lady Jas had done for him in her attempt to save his life was running through his head. He was as amazed now as he was then at her bravery and agility. He started to wonder how she was.

Barry took in a deep breath. He could smell the African Violets and it was a much more pleasant smell than the antiseptic smells he was smelling before. He then remembered that Andrea had visited him.

He remembered seeing a tear in her eye and felt bad about putting it there. However, he started to feel better almost right away when he remembered she agreed to his request before she left. He hoped she would come back soon.

He closed his eyes to get more rest with the usual AndreaX induced goofy grin.


Jan-29-2007 18:00

Andrea walked back to the room where Barry was recovering. The guards, ever faitful, never left her alone. She supposed it was for her own protection, but it was starting to get old.

"I will be inside. You guys can wait right outside the door, please" - she instructed.

"Yes, MissX" - one of the said - "We will be right here"

She walked in a closed the door. Barry was sleeping. She pulled a chair closed to his bed and took his hand in hers.

"Barry?" - she whispered.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-29-2007 18:04

Barry had been dreaming of a deserted island in the middle of a blue ocean with no one by Andrea to share it with. It was starting to get interesting when he was awoken by a voice calling his name. He opened his eyes and saw the radiant beauty that is AndreaX.

"Andrea! I'm glad you came back for a visit." Barry couldn't help but smile broadly, too broad, he felt some stitches pull a little. "How are you?" He squeezed her hand.


Jan-29-2007 18:05

Peering through the grating, joeyDanger saw Barry below passed out in exhaustion. "Poor sucker, always in just a little over his head", he thought to himself. When the nurse stepped out, he pulled the mesh inside the tight vent, and lowered himself into the room. The smell of hospitols always made him uneasy. He quickly drew a bottle of Pinot Grigio from his coat and placed it on the bedstand.
And then,
laid one small button beside it. It was black with a symbol embossed in gold. A Fluer d'les with eagle's wings and a stylized "X" on it.

He turned. Looked at Barry and said in a subdued voice, "Don't go out on us now. You don't even know what you've started here. I hope your good enough to finish."

JoeyDanger lifeted himself back into the vent, pulled it closed, and made his way through the labyrinth of vents. His thoughts kept wandering to a long time ago, and AndreaX.


Jan-30-2007 12:00

"I am fine, Barry, thank you" - she said - "The big question is, how are you?"

"I am still very tired, but I will make a complete recovery" - he said - "I am very glas you are still here.

Andrea saw something on the table. A bottle of wine? Pinot Grigio?

"How did this get here, Barry?" - she asked - "And what is this button? What is going on here? Guards! Guards!"

Andrea was very agitated and Barry was getting worried as well.

The guards ran into the room and looked around for something, anything, to explain Andrea's sudden panic and found nothing.

"What seems to be the problem, MissX?" - one of them asked

"Someone has been here! Someome has gotten into Mr Grant's room!" - she pointed to the items on the table - "I did not bring this in here. How did it get here? Search the complex immediately!"

The guards were confused. Surely they did not have to obey her orders.

"Did you hear me? An unauthorized person has been here! GO NOW!" - she said, with barely repressed anger - "And get someone else to guard this room. I want someone at the door and beside the bed AT ALL TIMES! Is that understood?"

The guards rushed out and Andrea collapsed in the chair. Barry looked utterly confused.

"God, Barry, what have you gotten yourself into?" - angry tears ran down her pale cheeks.

Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-30-2007 12:14

Andrea had gotten agitated and started bossing everyone around so quickly that Barry's head was spinning. He heard her say something about Pinot Grigio and that didn't make any sense.

"Andrea, what is going on?" Barry tried to turn his head all the way to see what she was talking about but it would only go so far. "There's a bottle of wine here?"

Andrea sat there shaking her head and weeping silently. "Barry," she looked up with a tear stained face. "There's a bottle of wine by your bedside. I know you didn't buy it because you never buy white wine. There is a security breach and someone got in here without you knowing about it. You could have been killed!" Andrea's voice choked up.

"Andrea, sweetheart, if whoever left that wanted me dead, I'd be dead. Let's not jump to any conclusions. Let's see what the hospital's security has to say first. And while we're waiting, would you come over here and let me try to dry your eyes?"


Jan-30-2007 12:40

But she could not accept his comfort. She was so angry at him for getting himself into this. She was so angry at Amber for allowing herself to be compromised. And most of all, she was angry at The Closers and OMEGA's agents for failing to protect Barry. And finally, angry at herself. She has been here in this complex for days watching over Barry, instead of doing her job. That simply will not do.

"That's all you have to say?" - she asked him, incredulously - "If they want me dead, I'll be dead? You are better than that Barry!"

She paced the room furiously.

"I do not belive that. You obviously fought to escape your captors. You wanted to LIVE!" - she said - "I want you to LIVE!"

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jan-30-2007 12:57

He stopped in the doorway.

"Andrea", he said slowly. "Does he need protection from you too now?" he said with a wry grin. He walked in a twinkle in his eye as he looked at her. She always was a head turner, the two of them coul...

His thoughts sobered quickly as he surveyed Barry in his bed. "I am glad she wants you to live" he said as he jerked a head in Andrea's direction "but there are many others who do to. I want one of my top officers back in action soon. Just finished up with The Minx and now that we are back from that roundup things will heat up again I am sure. Nine villains caught in 5 days or less is a nice feat. You being attacked while the rest of us were out is not."

He idly picks up the bottle of wine. "White? you going soft on me?" he gave a slight tease. "At least we know it is not out of my private storeroom. Still have not replaced that shipment those goons smashed up."

Then he looked at Andrea again and included her in his thoughts. "I know you want some time alone, and to recover. Might even want a vacation."

pause, looking at the two of them.

"Tough. You know what is expected of you. This is a dangerous game we are playing and Shady is not the only dark character in the wings." Points at Barry, "you get on your feet soon and get somewhere that the rest of the world can see you. The more eyes on you the better."

Looks over at Andrea. "You keep your eyes on him too. I know it goes without saying but I tend to say things anyway. " lop sided grin. "You can inspire him to get back to work. You know he needs pressure like that to keep him who he is. You don't want... "looking around. "a shrinking violet" points to the plant " who is all Charm. "

He walks to the door of the room, then looks back at the couple there. "good luck you two."

Then out the door and back to work.

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