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Break in Case of Missing Detective
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Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-20-2007 21:03

The New York Times
All the news that's fit to print

by Breit Katherine Pfeiffer Adams

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Police investigators believe they have discovered the whereabouts of missing detective, Barry Grant. Grant was reported missing three days about by a friend of his, Rebecca Franks. "I was supposed to meet him at Big Lucy's that night but he never showed."

Grant, Global Sleuth Syndicate Ambassador from Shanghai, had been working at the Blue Pagoda Agency on a Good Will mission at the time of his disappearance. "He was becoming a much relied upon detective." Lady jasNmushu, a Director at Blue Pagoda Agency, said of the missing detective.

Police have reason to believe that Grant was abducted by operatives from HYDRA while on his way to Big Lucy's. "I was meeting him at the corner of Eleventh Avenue and 42nd Street that night." recounted a teary-eyed divorcee Mrs. Franks. "He never showed."

Chief Inspector James Mulligan was able to determine the last place Grant was seen. "Cyrus Tibby recalls serving Mr. Grant a Tom Collins around 7 pm that night. After that, Mr. Grant left the premises and that was the last anyone had seen of him."

This reporter secured an interview with the elusive Larry the Toe. "I don't know anything about that." was his response to all my questions.

There was a break in the investigation when a shady character finally stepped forward to reveal he saw a tall man with a hat being forced into a car. This shady character, who prefers to remain anonymous, was unable to make out the license plate number but he recognized the car and the man doing the abducting. "I've seen that happen before. Same guy. Same car."

Policed will not disclose any more details for fear it could put Mr. Grant's life in jeopardy. Chief Inspector Mulligan's final word: "We don't want to lose any more detectives to that fiendish group."


Pearl Diver
Pearl Diver

Jan-26-2007 12:29

Oh my goodness! where is this warehouse? is it hidden like big lucy's? i hope i can't stumble into it. is hydra a faction?

David Adams
David Adams

Jan-26-2007 13:06

Dave spoke with Breit for another minute, then went to go give Grant his next shot of painkiller. Standing at Barry's door, he heard a commotion behind him, and turned around. Barry's family had finally arrived, with Department escorts in tow. The corporal he had sent off was also with them, along with the Hospital's Assistant Chief of Security, a Marine Lieutenant. He indicated to the two Marines to wait for a minute while he spoke with Barry's family, then went to meet them. Breit was already introducing herself to Barry's sister Betty, and her two children, son Brian, and daughter Bobbi, and someone Barry had been asking for when he'd collapsed at the police station, Andrea X. While Breit knelt down to entertain the children for a minute, Dave introduced himself to the two women, shaking each lady's hand. "Hello, I'm Dr. David Adams, Breit's husband. I've been looking after Barry." He turned to the taller of the two women, with long, dark hair, and tired, frightened eyes. "You must be Barry's sister, Betty," he said gently. "I promise, Barry's safe now." The second woman was shorter, tiny almost, with shorter, curly bobbed hair, amber eyes, and an expectant attitude to her. "Miss X, I believe," Dave said, shaking her hand firmly, "it's a pleasure to meet you." Interestingly, Andrea was the one to take charge. "When can we see Barry, please, Doctor?" Dave smiled gently, "Please, call me Dave. You can see him right now. I do need to tell you two things. First, this is a top-secret, classified facility. You've been brought here as a courtesy because Barry was badly injured in the line of duty to the American government. I would ask that you tell NO ONE about this place. Ever. Not your families. Not your friends. Not God. Thousands of lives, including Barry's, depend on it. You ladies understand?" Both women looked taken aback for a minute, then nodded, Betty rather timidly, Andrea with more conviction.

David Adams
David Adams

Jan-26-2007 13:44

"Thank you," Dave replied. "Secondly, Barry has been pretty badly beaten. He's not going to look very good. His injuries are not life-threatening anymore, but we are keeping him here in the Intensive Care Unit both for security purposes and to be able to closely monitor his condition. I'm just trying to warn you before you see him, he's going to look pretty bad. Okay?" He smiled gently at their nods. He turned to indicate Breit, "I'm sure my wife would be happy to look after your children, Ma'am, while you're visiting with Barry. This is probably something that they shouldn't be exposed to." Breit looked up at them, smiled cheerfully, and tickled Bobbi's cheek playfully, "I have an idea! How would you two like some ice cream?" At their delighted cries, Dave summoned a Marine Guard from down the hall, and Breit and the children set off for the hospital cafeteria, with Dave whispering he'd see her at home a little later.
He then turned, opened Barry's room door for the ladies, and waved them in. "Barry," he greeted the man, "look who your Fairy Goddoctor turned up." He crossed to Barry's bed and gave him a shot of morphine directly into his I.V. drip., then turned back to the ladies. "I've just given him something for his pain. It'll take effect in about ten minutes, and he'll probably go to sleep for a while after that. You're free to stay here as long as you like, and we have some hotel rooms set up for you ladies when you're finished here. There's two guards on duty directly across the hall outside at all times, and your escorts are also stationed just outside the door. If you need anything, please feel free to ask them. Please don't go anywhere without them while you're here in New York to see Barry. They're here for your safety. I'll be back a little later to check on Barry, and if you need any help from me or have any questions, your escorts know just how to find me. With that, I'll leave you with Barry."

David Adams
David Adams

Jan-26-2007 13:50

He nodded amicably at the group, "Ladies. Barry, remember, no marathons." And with that, he was gone. Out in the hall, he directed a glacial eye to the guards and escorts, "Remember, gentlemen, no one leaves their posts at any time until their replaced, and no one lets those people go anywhere unescorted. Do I make myself VERY clear?" He got a round of salutes and "Yes, Sir, Captain"s, then turned to the patiently waiting Lieutenant. "Lieutenant, you and I have a meeting with the Admiral. Let's go." The Lieutenant gulped slightly, "Um, now, Sir?" Dave nodded briskly, "Yep, right now, and we're already late, so let's move." With that, they headed off to the Department's local Headquarters....


Jan-26-2007 14:26

Andrea distractedly nodded to the guards posted by the door and went inside the room.

The sigh of Barry laying on that bed, mangled and with bandages all over him, made her eyes sting. She brought a hand to her mouth to prevent a gasp from escaping her lips. Barry's sister, however, was not as controlled.
Betty wailed and ran to the bed, grabbing one of Barry's hands and sobbing uncontrollably. Barry closed his eyes and patted her hand. He had not seen Andrea yet, as she was staying by the door trying to compose herself.

Betty asked a lot of questions; questions that Barry was unable to answer. Andrea understood this. Betty did not and was getting upset. After a while, Betty stood aside.
"Barry, I brought someone over to see you" - she told him - "I hope you don't mind. It took a lot of work, but the people in your agency told me how to find her. You were asking about her earlier"

Andrea took a deep breath and walked to the bed where he had been laying.
"Hello Barry" - she said - "I cannot tell you how worried I have been"

"I am sorry" - he told her - "This was something I had to do"

"I understand" - Andrea trully did - "They tell me you will make a complete recovery. Maybe all of this won't be in vain if it helps..."
Andrea realized that Betty was still standing there watching this interlude. She stopped talking and glanced at her. Betty did not need to hear this.

"Maybe now is not the best time" - Andrea said - "I'll be staying here for now. We can talk later"

"No, Andrea, please don't leave" - he grasped her hand tightly - "Please stay and sit with me.."

Betty saw something in the way Barry was looking at this woman that she had never seen before in her brother's eyes.

"I better go check on the children" - Betty said - "You stay for a while Andrea. Barry has been asking about you ever since he got here"

Andrea nodded. She brought a chair closer to the bed and held Barry's hand. He appeared to have fallen asleep.

Old Shoe

Jan-26-2007 19:07

Yoyo read the news paper in his office at The Closers. He was getting worried about Barry. Yoyo decided to send a telegram to Omega hopefully they could forward it to Barry. Yoyo went to Ping the agency clerk. 'Ping, send this to Omega and make it fast'


Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-27-2007 17:11

Barry woke up to find Andrea still there and holding his hand. Her face was the best thing to wake up to after what he had been through. He remembered Betty saying something about him asking for her but he didn't remember that. He thought maybe he did that in his delirium.

He started to speak with a cracked voice, "Andrea, I..."

She cut him off. 'Shh, don't speak. Just rest. I'm here."

At this Barry smiled. He knew she must have been worried about him and mad at the same time. "I wanted to say that I'm glad you're here." He winced a little in pain.

"Darling, don't speak, you're white as a ghost."

"No, I just wanted to say...." and he passed out. Because of his color she tried to rouse him.

"Barry? Barry?" she was shaking his shoulder gently. He did not come to. All of a sudden he seemed to stop breathing. "Oh NO!" and Andrea ran out of the room screaming "Dr. Adams! Dr. Adams!"

Pinball Amateur

Jan-27-2007 18:48

Breit was coming down the hallway with the children and Betty when Andrea came out of Barry's room, yelling at the top of her lungs for Dave.
"Oh shit," she whispered, then turned to the group. "Stay right here, please, okay?" she said firmly to Betty and the children.

She turned to the two bodyguards. "Hold them here. Don't let them come down the hall. Got it?" she muttered to one. To the second, she yelled as she started running towards Andrea, "Dave's at HQ. Get a doctor up here, NOW!"

Breit ran down the corridor as a petite, red-haired nurse came running after her from the nearby Nurses' Station. "What's wrong, Andrea?" Breit asked the panicked woman. Andrea clamped her arm in an iron hold. "He passed out, and he's not breathing. Where's Dr. Adams?"

Breit worked her arm free from Andrea's fingers. "Stay here, please, Andrea." She turned to the nurse, "Get a cart in here, and call a code. I've already called for a doctor. Then get in here." She turned back to Andrea, "Remember, stay out here, okay?" Breit turned and ran into the room.

Breit rushed to the bed, and found Barry still not breathing. She checked his carotid pulse, and found it faint but steady. She pulled the pillows out from under his head and threw them carelessly on the floor, then tilted his head back. Just then, the nurse came rushing in, with Andrea close on her heels. Breit glanced over her shoulder, "Andrea! What the hell are you DOING here? I told you to wait in the hall!"

Andrea glared back at her, "I'm not standin' out in some hallway when I can be in here, helping. Tell me what to do."

Breit sighed, then relented, "Fine, I don't have time to argue with you. Do EXACTLY what we tell you to do." She turned to the nurse, "He's unconscious, and he's not breathing, but his heart's still beating. Get his legs up while I start resuscitation."

Pinball Amateur

Jan-27-2007 20:05

Andrea gathered up the pillows scattered about the floor, while the nurse stripped the linens off the bed and propped Barry's legs on top of the pillows. Breit, meanwhile, had tilted Barry's head back to open his airway, pinched his nose shut, opened his mouth, and clamped hers over. She breathed in as hard as she could, and blew out into Barry's mouth.

Andrea screeched, then yelled, "What are you DOING, Breit?" She flew across the room, to try and pry her off Barry. The nurse dragged her back from the bed hastily. "She's forcing air into his lungs so he can keep breathing. She's trying to save his life."

Breit blew again into Barry's mouth, then raised up slightly, "Nurse, check his pulse."

The nurse responded, "70."
Breit nodded, then continued, "Andrea, I'm trying to help Barry. If you can't let me do that, the nurse is gonna throw you out. So what's it gonna be?"

Andrea thought for a moment, then slumped tiredly and nodded, "Okay, Breit. Tell me what to do."

Pinball Amateur

Jan-27-2007 20:06

Breit glanced at her in between breaths, and nodded back., "Good. Find me more pillows. Anything to get his legs propped higher. He's not responding." She looked at the nurse, "We may have to raise the foot of the bed as well. Dammit, where's that cart and doctor?"

Andrea ran into the hallway and off to another room. The nurse studied her watch as she felt Barry's pulse, "They should be here any minute now. Pulse is still 70."

Andrea rushed back in with an armful of pillows. She and the nurse propped them under Barry's legs, then Andrea stepped back from the bed again, and the nurse went back to monitoring Barry's pulse.

Suddenly, a man dressed in surgical scrubs and two more nurses came in, one of the nurses pulling a heavy cart behind her. Breit recognized the average-sized, brown-haired man. "Pete!" she cried, "Thank God!"

"Hi Breit, what's up?" the doctor asked, reaching for his stethoscope and beginning to listen to the patient's chest.

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