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From the desk of Beatrice Gisella Vanders
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Beatrice Gisella Vanders
Beatrice Gisella Vanders

Jan-12-2007 15:59

Dear fellow detectives,

I have found myself bored. A new concept unfamiliar to me.

It has given me the time to think about how I have secluded myself from the world, emerging in its depths only to solve a case.

Of course, I'm fairly new, but it surprises me how most detectives I have seen do not socialize with anyone. Much like myself.

However, the fact that I have not even talked to these so-called recluses still lingers.

And so, my dear "friends", I shall partake in that such activity, to share experiences.

Please begin by telling me how your day was.


Beatrice Gisella Vanders



Jan-13-2007 10:26

Hi Beatrice,

It's been a comfy kind of day. What with the nasty rain outside, I decided snuggle up to my blankies for longer than usual, and it's just been really casual since getting up. Ahh, I love being lazy...

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