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Detective Biography

To whom it may concern:

It was a somber November day.

It's kind of funny how most stories start that way. These stories, however, end with "I was gently laid to rest in my black coffin".

But my story doesn't end. Yet.
On this particular day, it was foggy, yet peaceful. The kind of weather that makes you want to stand outside all day.

I came into this world at 11 AM on that fateful day.

They named me Beatrice, after my father's grandmother.

I had never met her, but I've heard she was...old and stuffy.

My mother, Gisella, sadly died shortly after giving birth. They used to say that I looked just like her. Gisella, obviously, became my middle name.

She was a beauty, they said. Free-spirited and charming, (the characteristics I inherited from her), it was a wonder she edged into the Vanders family. They were all prim and proper.

(I used to think the "Gisella" in my name gave me an interesting twist. Beatrice just reminded of, well, my grandmother. Although my friends said my full name is
fitting for a detective. )

Never mind. Anyway, in my younger years, I loved reading mysteries. And I scoured the paper everyday to find mysteries. Which were plentiful.

Everyone expected me to be a socialite, a business mogul, a model, or maybe even an actress.

And when I told my father I wanted to become a detective, he pleaded with me to become something that made money.

After all, the Vanders were getting killed, getting into debt, and moving to New Zealand. It was not a good time for us. Which is why there are few Vanders left. In fact, everyone has forgotten about us. Matthew, my father, left
for Delhi after I became a detective, to retire.

My first case occured when my former high school teacher, Allegra Cagle, bumped into me. She heard I was a detective, and offered me a case. I think she told people that I solved it, and I began getting more and more cases.

(I don't think Ms. Cagle like me back then. But her name went on to become the name of allergy medecine. Which explains a lot.)

Being a detective has taught me many things. Like, be more tough. And I love it.

My story is still being written.

I am following the road less travelled, as said in my favorite poem. It is rocky, but I will not look behind me.


Beatrice Gisella Vanders


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