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sugar daddies wanted!!!
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Jan-8-2007 22:28

Daricex and I need a sugar daddy to buy an apartment for us.



Jan-17-2007 16:49

are you saying i'm good at something besides helping hijack?

Sara Lou
Sara Lou

Jan-18-2007 11:37

Oh Villan where art thou?

I looked up and down
Left, right and all around

Are you near or far?
Must I travel by car?

Will you hold still?
HELP me if you will?

Shady isn't fun to pay
Don't let me false accuse today

I'll look high and low
There's nowhere you can go.

Hold still please,
While I kick you in the knees.

Villan, here ends your time,
Now it's time to end this rhyme.

Ta DA! The poetic stylings of Sara "Da Bomb" Lou. LMAO


Jan-18-2007 20:36

Oh Villian Where Art Thou?

Oh Villian where art thou?
To find you, my vow.

Are you in Delhi alone on the prowl?
I'll follow your stench, no matter how foul!

Or does London's finest meals keep you fit?
I'll find you, you know, I'm not a halfwit!

As long as my eyes I keep trained on your trail,
Instead of escaping to some fairytale!

Its those little ventures that may keep you free!
Attention to detail is always the key!

Does the Big Apple conceal you from sight?
The Butcher? The Barber? Now this is my plight.

Shanghi's the hardest to navigate well.
The names in that city can all go to ....!


Oh Villian where art thou?
To find you, my vow!


Jan-19-2007 01:26

while these are all good... we still have a few days wait... 4 in fact... more are welcome... please... feel free...


Jan-19-2007 17:09

So far so good I must say :) But I bet there's a heck more hidden or not so hidden talent over here.....

Please share with us :-)


Jan-20-2007 01:26

To all those talented sleuthettes... be brave and bold... take a challenge... post it the poem here... enlighten us with your talents.


Jan-20-2007 10:52

3 days left... please... share your talents sleuthettes...


Jan-20-2007 15:55

just bumping this back up since it got moved a ways... we need more contestants... and this needs to be on the 1st page since not everyone looks past that.


Jan-21-2007 16:57

Oh villain, where art thou?
I can see that you are scared from the sweat upon your brow.

It matters not whether you are woman or man,
From here on out, your life is my hand.

Oh villian, surely you must see,
Your ending is nearing, you cannot stay hiddent from me.

Villian of villains, head of the class.
Your days become numbered, you are within my grasp.

Oh villian, I have fulfilled my vow.
Your crimes and your running, both ended right now.

For I am the detective you cannot outrun.
I will move on to another, because your case is done.


Jan-22-2007 18:53

One more day to turn in your more entrant and get yourself a brand new apartment. You can do it :-)

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