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Hitchhikers Now Interviewing For New Members


Jan-6-2007 14:26


The New York branch of The Hitchhikers, noted Sleuth Agency and offical towel management service, has recently announced that due to a freak accident involving farm equipment, piles of dry chest hair, and the longest kegstand in recorded history, there are now positions available for worthy applicants.

According to Adam Carter, Director of The Hitchhikers: New York and all-around swell guy,
"It's a rebuilding year. We have a great team, excellent coaches, and a fully-stocked Champagne Room. We just need to find the last pieces of the puzzle to make a run for the championship."
When asked who the Hitchhikers were considering for positions, Carter said "we have seen a few great kids coming out of college, skill players that I think would be a great asset in the locker room as well as on the field. I don't want to tip our hand with the draft coming up, but we have been in negotiations with a few players about wearing the ol' towel."

When pressed for comment, Serges, co-founder of The Hitchhikers, explained that "We need gamers. This franchise is built on success, and I won't stand to have another losing season. We need people that are going to show up for work every day, and are going to excel on game day. Anything less is unacceptable for this franchise and its legacy."

Excerpts from the Hitchhiker's newest application make reference to potential candidates needing at least 10,000 experience and an active interest in competing aggressively in both Treasure and Villain hunts.

Rumor has it the hallowed agency is offering a generous signing bonus to anyone who passes the screening process.

For more details on this story, all applicants are instructed to contact Adam Carter in private to begin the application process. Representatives for the franchise say that there are a limited number of roster spots being considered at this time, and that the deadline is approaching to submit any applications.



Robert Crookall
Robert Crookall

Jan-8-2007 17:26

Would like to join your Agency.

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