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# of suspects with an alibi (spoiler)
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Washington Jones
Washington Jones

Jan-3-2007 16:25


I read (on more than one agency page) lists where it says how many suspects and how many of them have an alibi for certain dificulties (ex 8 suspects, 3 withut alibis on hard). Therefore if I foudn 8 bad or no alibis I stopped askign others. This past case I had 3 that were no or ba d(at least I thought), I accused who I thought it was and I was wrong. The guilty party was someone other than the 3 I thought had no alibi. Obvisouly aince I was worng on my guess I couldhave been wrogn in my alibis but Ithink I have seen this before. So anyways, does anyone know if the X suspects, Y alibis equation stillworks?

I'm sure the end problem is my bad sleuthing but knwoing how many no alibis sure helps a lot.



Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams

Jan-4-2007 13:21

Wow, do I feel on my own!

I have had 8 fakes before on AI cases, mostly with a couple of older detectives. It wasn't all the time, but I know I have had them before. I have often been sat in front of a list of 7 right handed suspects and 3 lots of right handed notes.

And that's because I have used research. I definitely remember seeing a few with my latest detective too. It would make sense to have 8 fakes from 11 suspects, as most of my IH favor cases have 8 suspects and 5 fakes, with 4 pieces of evidence.


Jan-4-2007 14:30

You are not totally on your own. I feel like I have seen an 8:3 case as well. Problem is that this is based on my somewhat shoddy memory of a case done a couple hundred cases ago. Unfortunately, I've recycled my notes from that time as I too prefer killing trees and keeping records by hand. Since this topic got mentioned on the boards a while back, I've been keeping more accurate track and have not seen an 8:3 case since. So I'm going with poor memory on my part. However, in the off chance someone runs across such a case, take lots of screenshots. The screenshot of a case with 5 WE certainly opened eyes.


Jan-5-2007 11:57

every single difficulty has a constant nmber of fakes EXCEPT intermediate and hard cases , they both can have 3 or 4 fakes , depends on ur luk :P


Jan-5-2007 11:59

well , noone should actually get nervous , just play as u think is right , 7 fake 4 real for 11 suspects in AI's, secure the fact that u have 0 or 1 FA and alls ok , theres always a first time ;)

Will Carbon
Will Carbon

Oct-3-2007 16:02

ok, can some of you experts stop talking in code and tell us what
AI and IH mean

and any others that spring to mind as well please.

y. s.
*baffled newbie*


Safety Officer

Oct-3-2007 16:45


AI = Almost Impossible Case
IH = Incredibly Hard Case

etc., etc., etc.

etc. = et cetera (and so on)

AV = Arch Villain or AVH = Arch Villain Hunt


LCN = Las Cosa Nostra
ET = Eastern Triads

etc. (see above)


PE = Physical Evidence
WE = Witness Evidence


FA = False Accusation

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 17:01

FA can also mean False Alibi, depending on the situation it's being used in.

NA (N/A) = No Alibi (ie.- You'll get a message from your suspect that says something to the effect of "Not that it's any of your business, but I don't have an alibi."

FA (F/A False Alibi) = NA (No Alibi)

RA (R/A) = Real/Valid Alibi

AVL = Arch Villain League (an offsite page, associated with Sleuth, dealing with Arch Villain Hunts)

OOS, OoS, OS = Order of Socrates
GH = Green Hand
DAB = Dies Arcanum Brotherhood
COL, CoL = Circle of Light (generally does NOT mean Colonel around here)

FT = Fortune Teller
MT = Music Teacher

Anything I'm forgetting?? ;-)

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 17:04

Oh yeah....

RH = Really Hard case
RRH = Really Really Hard case
SH = Stupendously Hard case
RidH = Ridculously Hard case

There's prob'ly more, but there ya go. ;-)

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