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Favourite songs right now
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Battered Shoe

Dec-27-2006 17:18

I go through phases with music--one day it's BNL all day, the next it's Massive Attack, then it's nothing for a week. Right now I'm going through the music on my computer and there are a few songs I've been listening to over and over today:

Mighty Little Man-Steve Burns
Wise Up--Aimee Mann
Slide--GooGoo Dolls
Drops of Jupiter--Train

What's on your playlist today?


Sevastopol O'Halibut
Sevastopol O'Halibut

Jul-3-2007 13:51

The three songs which have most recently got themselves stuck in my head:

Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came
The Decemberists - Shiny
The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations

Old Shoe

Jan-11-2008 00:04

Ow-ah oh wah
You were the first one
O-wah, O-wah
You were the last one


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