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Is it me? or is it something wrong with the software
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Sep-7-2004 21:25

I had encounter a few false accuse which doesn't make any sence.

case 1
Physical Evidence: Handwriting from someone who is right handed (Opal Buchannan)
Witness Evidence: Opal Buchannan suspects Wileen Buchannan (Bloody Hands)

I had chose Wileen base on the logic that Wileen had bloody hands while opah only sent threat letter. With the answer i had to assume that since Opah has physical evidence her statement on Wileen become invalid.

Case 2
Physical Evidence:
Thread from female's clothes (Elvira Menkveld)
Handwriting from someone who is right handed (Constance Riggs)

Witness Evidence: Elvira Menkveld suspects Constance Riggs (Verb. Threat)

I was at first tempted to choose Constance since she has both witness and physical evidence. but after some considerations. i notice that the witness has a physical edvidence so her statement is not trustworthy. with both having physical evidence, i chose Evira since the thread prove that she had contact with the victim while threat letter doesnt prove anything. I was right on this one.

Case 3
Physical Evidence:
Hair from someone with curly hair
Handwriting from someone who is left handed (Horace Dorsey)
Thread from female's clothes (Barbara Dunning)

No witness and the hair doesn't belong to anyone. I chose Barbara since she had contact with the victims. Can someone enlighten me what is going on??? Is my logic on Case 1 & 2 correct? what happen to case 3

Also at some case i only have 1 witness and client. i cant get any more witness from the sole witness even though I had the interrogation skill and my toughness adj is 4. it happen quite a few times. i had to quit. anything i can do about it???


Skyler Michaels
Skyler Michaels

Sep-8-2004 10:24

My advist to all never ask the question to the towns people do you know anything about this case? It really doesn't help you at all and you can save yourself a question.


Sep-9-2004 07:10

I almost always question the towns people.. after asking them the more important ones .. Alibis.. then I do not ask the townspeople that have evidence skills I need for the case about the case .. This narrows a bit who does and who doesn't know something in the suspects.. for instance, if I keep asking about K and the majority don't know anything about K.. it might point me to not finding K guilty unless I find that some of them don't know ANYTHING anyway.

I always try and narrow the field as much as possible.. but I agree with you Skyler and DON"T waste questions on this unless all your alibis have been accounted for and you don't need the question to be used for evidence.

M. Zane
M. Zane

Sep-10-2004 16:31

Dr. Falco is right always ask the do you know someone with a motive question FIRST then alibi. Some folks work one way and others another. I always ask motive untill I get all suspects then I ask non important towsfolk for alibis for example bartender, waitress, butcher, music teacher. That way you dont use up essential towns folk like barber, butcher and such and definately buy research as soon as possible. This eliminates one suspect with a false alibi. Oh well just my opinion. I disagree I always ask townsfolk if they know anything. Sometimes they point you in the right direction.

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