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Lord of Llamas
Lord of Llamas

Dec-5-2006 16:24

Rules: Someone asks a "What would you do if?" question. The next person replies, and says their own question.

Person 1 - What would you do if cheese fell from the sky?
Person 2 - Make fondue!; WWYDI sleuth closed down?
Person 3 - Commit suicide!; WWYDI the world was going to blow up?
Here you go: What would you do if there were only two dimensions, and everything was flat?


Ceres Trajan
Ceres Trajan
Old Shoe

May-1-2007 23:05

From a technical standpoint, we already know the answer for most of us. It isn't too difficult these days (or any days for that matter) to find "someone in need". Volunteer & charitable organizations offer us unlimited opportunities to help people in dire circumstances. So the question really hinges on whom that "someone" is. Is it someone I have met, work with, am friends with or even related to? If the answer is "yes" to any of those questions, then the answer to your original question is also "yes". (Neither snappy, nor humorous, but I'm feeling a bit philosophical)

WWYDI you could become a world-renowned expert in any single field of your choosing?


May-4-2007 23:03

I'd pass the honour on to someone who actually knows what they want to be when they grow up. Since I don't plan to ever grow up, you see, it's an issue.

WWYDI you had the chance to see Crunchpatty in drag as Tina Turner?

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