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Consulting the fates?

Athena Guerriere
Athena Guerriere

Nov-30-2006 16:47

What is the point of asking the fortune teller to consult the fates? Seems like I just waste $20 and get no useful information. Is this just a scam to make Newbies spend money or does the fortune teller sometimes impart useful information?


Trey Lin
Trey Lin
Assistant Librarian

Nov-30-2006 16:52

It is actually quite useful. I cannot recall the exact wording, but:

"all the actors have taken the stage and prepare to deliver final lines" not exact wording but close enough, it means that you have uncovered all your suspects

"passed many signs, but there are still others" again not exact wording, but it means to still have suspects to find.

Hope that helps!

Athena Guerriere
Athena Guerriere

Nov-30-2006 16:57

Thanks! Guess I was thinking a little too literally.

Safety Officer

Nov-30-2006 17:21

Coz I knew it was in my post history...

You have only just begun this journey into darkness. There are many more who hold secrets in their hearts. [3 or more suspects to go...]

I sense that you have already passed many signposts on your journey, but there are still others with whom you must speak. [1 to 2 suspects to go]

Your journey nears its end, for good or ill I cannot say. All of the actors have taken the stage and they now prepare to deliver their final lines. [quick get him/her, they're all there!]

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