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A day in the life of...
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Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Nov-20-2006 11:51

How does your day start? How does it end? And just what happens in all those middle bits?
Do you wake up and groggily log into Sleuth before you've eaten your Bran to keep you regular? Or log into Sleuth before your head hits the pillow?
Do you have a nine to five job or work all night and sleep all day like Drac?
Do you have kids or go to school or have kids in school?
When is your footy practice, your ballet classes and when do you play the piano?
Do you eat three square meals a day or are you more a Pentagonal type of eater?
And just when does you real life get fit around your Sleuth playing.
Now it's your turn to be the star in .....

A day in the life of..............*Drumroll*..........



Nov-20-2006 17:37

For me it is a little different. My kids are normally up a 5 am so I am usually up around that time too..*note not awake but up*. I put on the Disney channel and get them thier milk.. If I have to work that day I head for the shower to wake up. After showering I get dressed and work on getting the kiddies dresses.... and if you are a parent you know takes 3 times as long as it should. From there we head to the babysitter. and off to work I go. I work from 7:30am to 8pm 3 days a week. Inbetween that time I do eat. After work I head for home... making sure the kiddies got picked up by the honey and to find out what is for dinner. Dinner is normally at 8:30 or 9pm. I spend some time with my Honey and then Log in to Sleuth. I try and play whenever I can fit it in. On days I don't work it is usually when the kiddies are napping and again at night before bed.


Nov-21-2006 14:46

7:00am-ish: AndreaX wakes up and heads to the working area of the manor to check on the progress of the night crew. Ah, yes..they did nicely. She lays the whip down near hear desk for the day shift.

8:00-noonish: she prowls the streets, seeking favors, chasing criminals, and coordinating the efforts of her fellow HHers. One or two of them are particularly difficult..but the hunt is won..the treasure is home..

noonish - whatever: HHers party in the champagne room..unless another treasure dissappears. Then she is forced to put a halt to the celebrations and shoo the agents back into the streets. Sometimes this is harder than others.

whatever-duskish: Andrea lays her whip aside. The swing shift comes in and they know what to do. As for her? She might be out in the streets or she might be working on her spy network. Either way, she is always keeping an eye on the crew in her never ending quest for more shiny things to put in the trophy room.

At nigh: no one knows. Sometimes she is at the manor, the lights burning in her office. Other times....her office is dark and she is nowhere to be found.

David Adams
David Adams

Nov-22-2006 20:26

A typical day in the life of Capt. Dave Adams, MD, U.S. Army, War Dept....

(A little before 6 AM...)

*Bangs a hand on the shrilling alarm clock and slowly stretches a tired, travel-weary body.* Could use about twenty more years sleep...(Feels something warm and soft next to him.) What the...? There's a woman in his bed!!! (Cracks an eye open to have a look.) Better yet! There's a wife in his bed! (Interesting possibilities begin to come to his foggy mind) *Reaches for Breit to explore some possibilities....*
Some time later...
zzzzzzzzz...(on his left cheek) Tap. (Cracks an eye open again, to find two determined, greenish-yellow eyes glaring back, and a large paw in midair.) " 'llo, cat." zzzzz... Tap, tap. "Huh?" *Snuggles closer to Brie* Tap. (Baleful look at cat.) "Go 'way, furball." zzzz... SMACK! *Comes straight up in bed, waking up Breit too* "Alright!! Enough already!! We're awake!!!" (Watches as smug-faced tiger saunters out of the bedroom and off towards her breakfast bowl, then turns to his Angel) "Well, that's a fine welcome home!" (She giggles.) *Reaches for her again* "Gotta say, I liked yours better..." (And just as things get...interesting...again....) YYYOOOOWWWLLLL!!! (Oh well, so much for the homecoming....)

David Adams
David Adams

Nov-22-2006 20:28

After a shower, getting dressed in the Department's standard issue three-piece gray suit and hat, breakfast with Breit, a grumpy Missy, and a bushy-tailed red panda named Xing Yun, Dave escorted Brie to her Office at Omega, then began his usual rounds there. One last kiss from his Angel, and he went off to collect his medical bag and the daily radio transmissions from the communications station in the basement. Then he headed off to check up on the first of his two patients of the day.
His first patient was one of Omega's Directors, Della Devine. She was roughly four months enceinte with her first child, and had been having a lot of difficulty with nausea and morning sickness. Della did NOT like doctors, so he and her adopted father, also a physician, had been overseeing her care. Dave had examined her a couple times, and kept a watchful eye on her, to try to make sure she’d been safe without feeling smothered. He had a sneaking suspicion she was carrying twins, but there’d been no physical signs of that so far.
He walked into Della and Cabot’s private suite on the top floor of the Omega building to find them both sitting down to breakfast, a first in close to three months. He eyed the plate of strawberries, apples, and toast piled before Della. Looked like the morning sickness was dying down too. After a brief exam, he left her and her love to enjoy their breakfast in peace.
Next up was Omega’s other Director, Justin Roepel. His condition was more critical than Della’s. He’d been recently recalled from a tour of duty at Omega’s sister agency in Delhi, The Shire, when he’d been stricken with yellow fever. Luckily, he’d survived. Three of the Shire’s staff hadn’t been so fortunate. But Jr was still a very, very sick man. Dave walked next door to the Victorian farmhouse where Justin and his family were housed. He was let in by a Department guard, to find Catherine, Jr’s wife, heading out on her way to take her two children, Liam and Caoimhe, to school.

David Adams
David Adams

Nov-22-2006 20:29

After a friendly good morning, and a brief reasurrance about Justin, Dave sent Catherine and the children on their way, and headed upstairs to check on his second patient. He was met at the top of the stairs by Chow Li Kwin, a nurse, and Della’s adopted sister. As they walked into the master bedroom, Li Kwin updated him on Justin’s progress. His fever had dropped slightly, and he was finally coming out of his delirium. Fortuantely, he hadn’t gone into liver or kidney failure, or had a significant amount of internal hemorrhaging. His color was also looking somewhat better, slightly less jaundiced than in previous days. Dave sighed gratefully in relief. It looked like Jr was finally out of danger. Thank God. After examining the younger man, he left him to sleep in peace. All they could do now was wait. He left Jr in Li Kwin’s capable care, and went to check in with the other Department guards on duty around the perimeter of the Omega building. The guards reported a quiet night.
Back in the Darkroom in the basement, he fired up the transmitting radio and put in a call to John Q. Publik, the Director of Al-Qahirah, an affiliated agency in London. All was quiet there, though they’d hired a couple of new prospects into their team recently. Dave took down names and vital stats, then told John he’d get back to him about clearances.
The next call was to Rhiemma Moon, of the Closers agency, in Shanghai. The Eastern Triads were still trying to locate Walter Krumenaur, an international terrorist known to have been in Shanghai in recent months. There had been no sign of him recently, however. Dave signed off from Rhie, and cranked the radio for Delhi, India.
He talked to Alec Trevelyan next, the Director of the newest Omega affiliated agency, Hunter’s Academy. Things were also quiet at Hunter’s, though they were continuing to investigate the problems that had occurred at the Shire.

David Adams
David Adams

Nov-22-2006 20:31

Four of the Shire’s agents had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and their whereabouts were presently unknown. Because the Shire’s ranks had been so decimated due to disease and misfortune, Hunter’s had stepped in to help. Alec’s people were also attempting to gather as much background info as they could on a man named Vinkhur Patel. The Department had reason to believe Patel was not all that he appeared to be.
Dave left the Darkroom, frustrated. Hydra was in the wind again, and they had no way of knowing where they’d show up next. He ran his hand through his hair tiredly as he climbed the stairs to the Lobby and outside to his car. Just once, he’d like to catch a break…
Next, he headed downtown to the War Department’s New York headquarters. He stopped first at the Documents and Identification division, and handed off the new agents’ names he’d gotten from John. They’d have to be cleared through Dave’s people before they could start work. Next, he headed up to the Cryptography division. Thanks to Breit’s dad, they now had something new to research with the encrypted pages of codes that Omega had found in a locked briefcase when they’d captured three terrorists some weeks previously. R.J. had been able to determine that the code wasn’t in English, which explained why all of their experts, including Cabot, had been completely stumped--it was German. He’d also been able to crack the logarithm behind the code after several hours of study, and the Department’s experts were now attempting to decipher it. Dave got a progress report from Cryptography that they were slightly less than half done, then set off for his next stop.
Assistant Secretary of War Admiral Louis M. Peterson, Director of Operations, was a tall, almost gaunt, acerbic man. Dave knocked briefly on his boss’ Office door, then was waved in. He watched as Lou barked orders into his phone to some poor schmuck down in Communications.

David Adams
David Adams

Nov-22-2006 20:33

He grinned as Lou slammed the phone down. Lou’s bark was just as bad as his bite, but he also highly valued loyalty and dedication. He was a very good friend to have, and an extremely bad enemy to make. While lunching on sandwiches and bad coffee, they reviewed the usual intelligence and operations reports, surveillance reports, budget requests, and various other briefings on classified projects and operations. There was no real progress with Hercules, and only slight progress with Amethyst. Olympus was headed to home base for a bit, and Mireille was in serious danger of being compromised. Augustus needed more people, and Tirana was stalled for the moment. Because of the upcoming holiday, Breit’s dad, Dr. Roland J. Pfeiffer, would be heading back to his Estate to spend some time with his family. Breit had invited all of Omega’s personnel, as well as Lou and his family, to join the Pfeiffers and assorted relatives for a traditional Thanksgiving feast at the Estate. Dave and Lou spent the next couple hours coordinating security for that.
Late in the afternoon, Dave headed back to Omega, a pile of intelligence and forensics reports tucked in his briefcase. He arrived back at Breit’s Office to find her on her way out to run errands and check on evidence, so he accompanied her about town. A visit to New York’s Mayor, Joseph Hollis, produced some interesting leads in several of Brie’s cases. She was able to charm her way into Ruby Kinsella’s Office at the First Nation Bank as usual, and spent an amiable hour chatting with the sour-faced old prune. Several other stops around town were also successful.
They arrived back at Omega headquarters well after sunset, tired from a long day. Dave and Breit sat down to a simple dinner of beef stew with vegetables and crusty bread. It tasted heavenly. They chatted quietly as they ate, each discussing their day. After that, he went next door to the house next door one last time to check on Justin.

David Adams
David Adams

Nov-22-2006 20:36

He was met at the top of the stairs by Doreen Brown, a Department nurse who was relieving Li Kwin. Jr had continued to slowly improve throughout the day, and would probably be able to be up for a short while come Thanksgiving. Dave wished Doreen and the Roepels a good night, eager to return to the apartment and relax with his Angel.
Dave came into the apartment, past the enormous kitty tree where Missy and Xing Yun had already bedded down for the night. Both tiger and panda had disappeared into nooks-- two tails, one long and striped, the other bushy and red, the only things visible, dangling over the edge and swaying gently in midair. He settled on the sofa next to Brie, gathered her close, closed his eyes, listened to the soft jazz playing on the radio, and let himself unwind to the feel of her heartbeat close to his....

Late that night...

*Absently winds and sets the alarm clock on the bedside table, stretches tiredly, then reaches for his Brie and pulls her closer* One of these centuries he’ll get at least eight hours of sleep...(Closes eyes and begins to drift off.) zzzz...(Feels a gentle hand exploring his chest.) Huh? (Cracks an eye open to have a better look.) “Dave?” Breit whispers. Hmmm? She smiles, “Welcome home, mon amour.” *Reaches for his Angel.* Sleep can wait. She’s much more...interesting....

Lucky Stiff

Nov-22-2006 22:41

dang, thats a long day....

me, wake up, go to work, come home, sleuth for awhile, work on some other stuff, go bed :D

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-26-2007 05:32

The Lady Emerald Devon got off the ship smiling as she saw the other Green Lady.
She remembered her first time in New York, running away from the oppressive grey and rain of England only to see New York all grey and rainy too.

She had only spent a few quiet months in New York but had become quite close to Milton during that time. First, because her expensive shoes broke while walking up and down New York streets looking for a job- her Father had cut her off, she couldn't afford to get new ones that time like she usually would.
Later, she had seen Milton while running footprint samples to him for her boss, a private but quite useless dectective, Big Hardon. It was through him however, that Lady Emerald Devon realised she had found her niche in life and it wasn't long after she had caught the eye of Dionne Dawson, a renowned detective from Starsky and Hutch of Shanghai.

Leaving New York and a tearful Milton, Lady Emerald Devon immigrated to Shanghai where history was made.

Now, she was back in New York. So much had happened. After a run in with the evil Medea, a plastic surgeon who used scissors and whiskey, her best friend Lady Ruby Caplan and her lover, Blueberrry Hill's lives were threatened. After an elabarate faked death senario, the heat was soon off.

Today, she had arrived back in New York, and Medea would be hers this time.

Lady Emerald Devon walked the familar streets back to the Shoeshop.. nothing had seemed to changed.

"Milton?" she called out hestitantly. She didn't want to barge in the back like she used too, after all, Milton did think she was dead.

"What?" he snapped coming out wiping his hands.
He stared for a second, then broke out in a grin. "Leddie, you old tart! I knew you were alive."

"Old tart?" she laughed as her and Milton hugged each other tightly. "I've missed you," she said.

"Yeah, I saw that Ruby sometimes, nice gal, Devon, but not quite the old tart you are."

"How 'bout we pick up Manfred on the way to Cyrus, Milton? Have a few whiskeys to celebrate my arrival back and Medea's impending doom?"

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