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Change to Twist

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Nov-10-2006 11:04

This has been a long requested change that I've finally gotten around to making.

There is a twist where the police prematurely accuse one of the suspects. In some cases they turn out to have gotten lucky and accused the right person, but in most cases they accuse the wrong suspect.

Often times, the suspect accused is somebody who you have not yet discovered. In the past, this has been confusing because you then have to unlock the suspect through some other method, even though you've already learned their name in the twist.

The twist has been slightly changed, so that the accused person will now be immediately added to your suspect list if they are not already there. You will not automatically know their motive in those cases, however, so they will not be immediately accusable.


Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Nov-10-2006 11:35

Oh wow thanks Ben! This is a really welcome change - I'll start paying more attention to the twists now, LOL!!

Safety Officer

Nov-10-2006 23:18

Thanks :D


Nov-11-2006 00:14

Will the same happen in the photo twistand others? Or is it just with the police one?

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