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it isa question about clicking the 'bonus' tab

Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Nov-8-2006 02:04

does it make it easier or is it always for selling T-shirts. Plz tell cause I thnk i Need to quit on this case. If I buy a bonus T-shirt would i have lless harder cases because I want to be good with the Larry guy, but there are no t-shirts at the cabarey place he tells me to go and I didn't want to spend money on him because of what ppl said about it not being good fir new players. Should I just keep going or will this stop soon?

<3 Ciara


Safety Officer

Nov-8-2006 03:19

The bonus tab doesn't have anything to do with 'playing' the game. !OK!

As much as it would be a great marketing ploy for Ben (buy a t-shirt from the Sleuth Shop and pay off Shady lol - hell I'd buy one) NO it WON'T help with your cases!

So QUIT your case and move on.

Sorry Ciara.

Happy Sleuthing though.

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