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intermediate or advanced interrogation?

Elin Devonshire
Elin Devonshire

Nov-7-2006 08:52

I have the architype of very tough, I have enough skill points right now to get intermediate interrogation. In intimidation I skipped intermediate and got advanced. Should I wait and do the same with interrogation, or go ahead and get intermediate? I have advance hair and thread, but not not handwriting or foot analysis at all, though the shoe maker is my contact, so I probably don't need footprint. I already have research and lock picking too.


R Anstett
R Anstett

Nov-7-2006 09:09

You can not skip a level of Intimidation/Interrogation.

What happens is your Arch Type of Reformed Burglar gives you certain skills.

To be able to choose Advanced Interrogation you will first have to choose Intermediate.

You have a point on the foot analysis, but only because you have the Shoe Maker and are unsubscribed. If you subscribe and travel to other cities you will want to have that skill available to you.

I would say that Intermediate Interrogation and Handwriting are the next two to pick. Then Advanced Interrogation.

Of course I would recommend you subscribing and joining an agency as well :) Life is better when you subscribe.

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