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Sleuth Girls Gone Wild!
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Lucky Stiff

Oct-12-2006 20:01

here is just a snippet, for the small price(no cost thats a lie) of going to sleuthchat, you too could experience what happens when SLEUTH GIRLS GO WILD! FIRST TIMERS, VETERANS, everyone is welcome!

[AndreaX] 9:53 pm: and he said, that's fine honey, just make sure u send pictures

[Autumnsprings] 9:53 pm: *snogs biggie*

biggie528 wishes she had a webcam cuz it loses something when you type it

Autumnsprings loves #$%^&*

Akano likes having one.

[ms helen corning] 10:09 pm: lmao well i do have a lot of knowledge in certain special areas

[Arabella] 10:08 pm: Now don't you wish I was in your top 5 Biggie

[alljackedup] 10:10 pm: i like agressive lol

REMEMBER GUYS, this is just a TASTE of what you will get in sleuthchat! So what are you waiting for?


Con Artist

May-23-2012 22:27

[nicnic] : even his PMs make me pee myself
[Autumnsprings] : any zombies need any hairs before i go?
[Autumnsprings] : crap, still have 6 cases. guess i'll be on a bit longer
[nicnic] : i thought zombies ate flesh
[Autumnsprings] : no, brains.
[nicnic] : they don't eat skin too?
[Autumnsprings] : which are close to the hair
[Jason Arends] : no theyre not picky
[Autumnsprings] : maybe if they're starving, but brains are the gold standard
[nicnic] : wait.... i think they do eat brains
[Jason Arends] : haha its sad for those of us who are 'zombies' to not be clearly versed on ourselves
[Autumnsprings] : should be ashamed
[Jason Arends] : me?
[Jason Arends] : *not the only zombie here*
[Jason Arends] : *ah hem*
[Autumnsprings] : yeah but *I* know what im talking about and the others are being quiet.
[Jason Arends] : hahahah

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

May-23-2012 22:50

[Autumnsprings] : if anyone gets one with a lot of hair, i would love it

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

May-23-2012 22:56

[Jason Arends] : mark?
[Jason Arends] : damn jas my name is right there
[Autumnsprings] : the guy who just left.
[Autumnsprings] : M whatever
[Jason Arends] : oh
[nicnic] : damn, she plays with your bananas and can't even remember your name 5 minutes later
[Jason Arends] : haha nevermind
[Jason Arends] : HAHAHA
[Autumnsprings] : jason, your banana must not be too memorable
[Lady Jas] : dammit I cant type I was trying to say man
[Jason Arends] : Hey!
[Lady Jas] : thats what I get for sleuthing and chatting and PMing Cfm
[nicnic] : uh huh. i believe ya. *winks*
[Jason Arends] : i could say something
[Autumnsprings] : blame it all on cfm
[Jason Arends] : but i wont
[Lady Jas] : hey its true I do know how to keep my men straight nic
[Autumnsprings] : why not?
[Lady Jas] : I dont play the field
[Autumnsprings] : thats no fun.
[nicnic] : so jas was thinking about cougah, while giving jason a banana, and called him mark
[biggie528] : yes of course
[Lady Jas] : its cfms fault yup
[Jason Arends] : haha cfm needs to hear about this
[biggie528] : give me a few to log back in, sorry ran to ladies room'
[nicnic] : plausible story
[Lady Jas] : i always think about Cougaah and she knows it

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

May-23-2012 22:57

[Autumnsprings] : i just put it in

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

May-24-2012 00:32

Damn Damn and Blast as if I missed this :)

Con Artist

May-24-2012 02:22

i'm in chat right now. we can be dirty together. :D

Con Artist

May-24-2012 07:22

[yoyofoshow] : hows it going?
[Autumnsprings] : YOYOYOYOYOYOYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[Autumnsprings] : my pants just fell down.
[yoyofoshow] : if it makes you feel any better it happens all the time :)
[Autumnsprings] : and its ok to say no, lol
[Autumnsprings] : i mean c'mon helen, when have you ever been sensible?
[yoyofoshow] : that explains it

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

May-24-2012 07:28

[Ms Helen] : oh oh oh
[Ms Helen] : kitty
[Autumnsprings] : i love kitty
[Ms Helen] : LMAO
[Ms Helen] : does justin know?
[Autumnsprings] : one of my favorite things
[Autumnsprings] : yeah its one of his favorite things about me. o:)
[Autumnsprings] : yoyo youre legal right?

*The Kitty joke may mean nothing to you unless you have mastered the swear filter in chat ;)*

Con Artist

May-24-2012 07:52

[Ms Helen] : spent too long waiting for you to turn up
[nicnic] : oy vey
[Ms Helen] : now if you were to beg
[Ms Helen] : publicly that is
[nicnic] : not giving you the pleasure
[Ms Helen] : lol nic as if i need my pleasure from you :p

Con Artist

May-24-2012 10:37

[Ms Helen] : i have a herman to make....apparently
[Riza Hawkeye] : there's like tons of those
[Ms Helen] : was there a point to that? :)
[Ms Helen] : i'm going to look at herman brb
[Autumnsprings] : who is herman? and do i really want to know?
[Special_K] : i hope herman knows hes being watched
[Riza Hawkeye] : ooh that looks yummy
[Ms Helen] : so i have a ton of yeasty liquid

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