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Arch Villain League
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Oct-3-2006 12:26

Registration is NOW being accepted for the October 10th beta test of the Dart Leagues in the AVL ("Arch Villain League").

I need 36 volunteers total to test everything, with the following stipulations:

2 sets of 6 detectives from the same agency (6 Hitchhikers & 6 Sirens, for example)

4 sets of 3 detectives from the same agency (3 Omega, 3 Blood & Dagger, 3 Fat Kitten, 3 SMRT Investigations, for example)

2 sets of 3-man teams regardless of agency affiliation

6 testers who will be teamed up at random.

If you are interested in learning about the AVL or becoming a Beta-Tester, please go to:

for more information.

If you have already talked to me about being a beta-tester, please PM me for your favlidation code.


Lucky Stiff

Mar-20-2008 07:29

Is this AVL still running? What exactly is it?

Old Shoe

Mar-20-2008 19:39

It's a website that allows sleuthers to race each other to complete a villain hunt. It probably still is running but I doubt that it gets a lot of action.

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