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Apr-23-2004 20:38

i am at that point of the game where I am thinking about buying a Repossessed Speak Easy. Poor on the number of case files but good space for objects, cheap to buy and 2 bonus stats.

But i'm not a wealthy man and need partners. Therefore this is an open invite for 4 detectives each bringing $1200 into the deal.

I am Smart and Charming (So the game says). I have fair relations with Nosta and I'm on hard or Intermediate cases.

Contact me in this post or private message if interessed.

Suggestions for the name are also welcome!



Apr-27-2004 12:56

Street smart sounds good, maybe even a little gritty. I'm putting in my $3334 now...


Apr-27-2004 13:06

Okay, street smart it is:
1)Tomkins Square Agency
2)Alphabet City Agency
3)Ludlow Street Agency
4)Lower East Side Agency
5)Mulberry Street Agency
6)Stanton Street Agency
7)Essex Agency

I can post more, but let's see if you like any of these


Apr-28-2004 02:43

is this the Tompkins square one now? or has Negasong left?

i can put $930 in on it now but hopefully over $1000 later today


Apr-28-2004 14:12

This Post is now closed as the all new Tompkins Square Agency has been formed and there is a post about for Recruiting.

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