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Switching to realy hard
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Rufus Bradford
Rufus Bradford

Sep-15-2006 13:55

I've been playing on hard for weeks now at all seems fine and easy. So I whanna jump to the next level. I currently have:






Hand Writing Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Stress Detection
Rule Bending
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis


And I am pretty good. I have my own ways of solving cases so don't worry about my poor interogation skills ;)

So, am I suited for Realy HArd ?


Rufus Bradford
Rufus Bradford

Sep-15-2006 14:14

Thank you Andrea, that's exacly what I was planning !! Didin't know what was in my head anyways :)

Rufus Bradford
Rufus Bradford

Sep-15-2006 14:27

The Unique Riddle of the Haunting Answer

Faced with the evidence I collected, Nora confessed to the crime.

As I left the house, I saw the shady character from the bar, standing across the street, staring at me. He threw a sinister glance at me as he stubbed out his cigarette. I was pretty sure I'd be seeing him again fairly soon.

Congratulations. You successfully caught Nora Jamieson.

For completing this really hard mystery, you get 160 experience points and 1 skill points.

Since your client turned out to be the guilty suspect, you didn't receive your reward.

Rufus Bradford
Rufus Bradford

Sep-15-2006 14:28

It wasn't that hard after all....with so much work and no prize...I realy hate clients who tink they can get away with it. I would much like it if they wouldn't hire me !!

R Anstett
R Anstett

Sep-15-2006 14:38

That is why some people like Pick Pocketing. I personally think it is the weakest of the skills for what you get for the skill points you spend on it.

I was more than willing to let the occasional reward slip through my fingers to earn the extra skill points that got me Underworld Connections.

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