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Sep-11-2006 14:20

Subscribed players can submit their picture to be used as an avatar. Please go to city hall "submitting content to sleuth" for details on how and where to submit. Avatar changes are however a freebie donated by the sleuth team and community volunteers. Reason why it is for subscribed people only is because too many avatars were received to keep up.

The process:
1. People submit avatars which all end up on the sleuth mail server.
2. Once in a while volunteers (Secret Squirrel and myself) pick up the avatars, and get to work if there are more then 5 avatars that we can approve.
3. We approve, and "sleutherize" the pictures. This is a process I won't bore you with.
4. We send the approved and sleuthererized avatars to Ben.
5. We post in this thread who's pictures have ben sent for upload.
6. Ben uploads, and they are live.

There is no need to keep submitting your avatar if you don't hear anything. Avatars sending is as reliable as email is. And we don't log in daily, hence why we are not answering you. There is no need to PM us either as to when we are going to do them. We will get to them, when we have time. If you PM us, that's exactly what we'll tell you. Just keep your eye on this thread.

Avatars that didn't get approved will receive email as to why, and with instructions how to fix the problem. They can them make the next batch.

Common reasons for rejection:
It is already an avatar submitted by someone else in Sleuth. It is not a picture of a person, ie. cartoons, drawn pictures, animals, objects.
Extreme poor quality (too poor to even be properly visual), Pictures that may create offence, copy righted pictures, people submit an avatar for someone else, and want it to show up without that other persons knowledge or permission, not adding the detective name to which they like the avatar to be added, other pictures that are for some reason not in line with the many avatars we already see in this game.



Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-5-2007 22:23

I have emailed mine. :P

Safety Officer

Sep-6-2007 01:01

OK have got Adonis & Tana's.

Don't have Dave Von Wave's avatar at all. Sorry. I'll wait for a re-sub.

Thanks for pointing out the Greebo thing Stoobs.


Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-7-2007 10:21

Thanks SS!
I'm not the fat statue on the right ok!! :D

Tana Danat
Tana Danat
Freedom Fighter

Sep-7-2007 23:52

SS just curious how long it takes for Ben to load the photos?

Lucky Stiff

Sep-8-2007 11:11

Hi SS!

I just sent in a photo as well.

Thanks for processing!

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Sep-8-2007 12:13

It usually seems to take a week sometimes up to a month depending on what else is going on. Ben is working on updates and the new game. But it will happen. One day you will look in the mirror and not recognize yourself. If your picture was sent in by SS, then they will be uploaded eventually.

Safety Officer

This reply has been deleted by a Moderator

Safety Officer

Sep-8-2007 20:20

(Try again)

Hi everybody,

Okies this is the batch sent to Ben.

Apologies to anyone who missed out, got left off etc etc I did leave the last list up for a while so people could get back to me and re-submit or check to see what happened to their avatar in the first place.

1. Woggle Woggs (this is the 2nd version WW)
2. Stooby
3. Brasco de Gama
4. David Adams
5. Cornelius Sledge
6. Gunwald
7. Adonis Parker
8. Dave von Wave
9. Tana Danat

10. Raven Raye
11. Phoenix Burning
12. Pearl Noir
13. Mrs Radcliffe
14. Leigh_Marie
15. Katara535
16. Haynah
17. Cluella de Vil
18. Tracie
19. Duchessadarling
20. Fatima Blusch
21. Eosdawn
22. Greebo

Ben's been really good (lately :p ) about getting the avs up so I reckon it'll only be a week before you see them.


Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-8-2007 20:35

Then in that case..


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Sep-9-2007 01:27

Yay new pics!

Ben is truly great for doing this.

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