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Sep-11-2006 14:20

Subscribed players can submit their picture to be used as an avatar. Please go to city hall "submitting content to sleuth" for details on how and where to submit. Avatar changes are however a freebie donated by the sleuth team and community volunteers. Reason why it is for subscribed people only is because too many avatars were received to keep up.

The process:
1. People submit avatars which all end up on the sleuth mail server.
2. Once in a while volunteers (Secret Squirrel and myself) pick up the avatars, and get to work if there are more then 5 avatars that we can approve.
3. We approve, and "sleutherize" the pictures. This is a process I won't bore you with.
4. We send the approved and sleuthererized avatars to Ben.
5. We post in this thread who's pictures have ben sent for upload.
6. Ben uploads, and they are live.

There is no need to keep submitting your avatar if you don't hear anything. Avatars sending is as reliable as email is. And we don't log in daily, hence why we are not answering you. There is no need to PM us either as to when we are going to do them. We will get to them, when we have time. If you PM us, that's exactly what we'll tell you. Just keep your eye on this thread.

Avatars that didn't get approved will receive email as to why, and with instructions how to fix the problem. They can them make the next batch.

Common reasons for rejection:
It is already an avatar submitted by someone else in Sleuth. It is not a picture of a person, ie. cartoons, drawn pictures, animals, objects.
Extreme poor quality (too poor to even be properly visual), Pictures that may create offence, copy righted pictures, people submit an avatar for someone else, and want it to show up without that other persons knowledge or permission, not adding the detective name to which they like the avatar to be added, other pictures that are for some reason not in line with the many avatars we already see in this game.




Feb-15-2007 22:14

*carefully peeks out from underneath brown paper bag*

It worked! The surgery worked! Thanks guys, for my extreme sleuth makeover.

Safety Officer

Mar-2-2007 19:56

ok last dance, last chance...

This is a list of avatars that will be sent on to Admin tomorrow, around this time of day. If you're not on the list and have submitted, and haven't received a PM or Email from me, then shoot me a quick PM and we'll sort something out. Likewise if you want to sumbit, you can still sneak in, but make it snappy.

Cheers SS.

Christopher Keller
Lady Jas
Kaori Gardner
Jabez Wilson
Ms Red
Saemus Heaney
Tommy Terry

Safety Officer

Mar-4-2007 00:39

OK with the addition of:

Miss Guided, and
Jack Robertson

the above batch has now gone off to Ben.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Squirrel out.

Washed Up Punter

Mar-5-2007 23:58

At the risk of just being regarded as an absolute idiot, where do you all find these fabulous photos you use as avatars? I can't (and wouldn't!) submit a picture of myself - I'd rather use some anonymous stranger from the period, but no amount of googling has yielded anything useful. Any suggestions?

Safety Officer

Mar-6-2007 23:28

I'll get back to you via PM Zanjana. Otherwise, if anybody else has some suggestions please feel free to PM Zanjana also.

Safety Officer

Mar-18-2007 18:56

b to the ump for Grinir'Ur

[wonders if he ever got back to Z... damn > outbox, outbox, outbox!]

Safety Officer

Mar-18-2007 19:34

OK whilst I'm at lunch I notice that I have enough for another batch of a dozen or so avatars to go through to Ben. So if you have further submissions please do so by the end of Sleuth Friday.

I'll be PMing all the people I've received av. submissions from so far, tonight, with a "yep it's ok" / "nope try again".

Thanks :)


Mar-18-2007 23:39

Can I submit an avatar, not for myself, but for the FM I'm written? I finished writing it, I just need the photo for one of the suspects before I submit it.

Safety Officer

Mar-18-2007 23:47

I'm not sure how 'adding' to the avatars bank goes in terms of photos that aren't already assigned to a Sleuth.

I think for now you will have to deal with what is there in the avatar 'bank' of photos.

Safety Officer

Mar-31-2007 23:31

OK here is the batch that was meant to be sent last week, which I held off for some people. So these are now in Ben's God like mitts.

If you aren't on this list, and you have sent an Av submission it may be that you are one of many recently that have submitted an av. without a detective name. There is also the batch on the previous page.

Happy Sleuthing to one and all :D

1. Isioni
2. Harrelson
3. Rebecca Wyrick
4. cfm
5. Tinuviel
6. Lulah
7. VeronicaMarsP.I.
8. Cossette d'Auvergne
9. Evy Banning
10. Arsenio Armas
11. S. Homes
12. Breitcat
13. Marissa Peterson
14. Emory Ryan
15. Grinir'Ur
16. smkshadyacres2
17. S. Holmes Jr
18. My Honey My Baby
19. meridith gentry
20. LuthienAstraea
21. lilangel
22. MelissaCremers

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