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Carmine Galante
Carmine Galante

Sep-11-2006 07:51


I'm pretty new here and I for sure haven't experienced the game so much that I can suggest something without knowing its consequences. However, I'm still going to suggest something that I think many newbeginners as me have a hard time with. And that is false accusations. When you reach 3 of them, your detective gets "retired", which is a nicer word for deleted. So my idea is that when you reach lets say 500 experience, your false accusation "meter" increases to 4, which means, that you now have to get 4 false accusations in order to get deleted. That way, newbeginners can't just guess out of the blue everytime, but also it gives some sort of comfort, since you always know that you get more false accusations to guess with if you play it safely.

Also when you think of it, it is quite realistic. Someone who is just started a detective agency, he is not well knowed and doesn't have the experience, so if he starts to accuse everybody, he'll lose his license pretty quick. But, the experienced ones, who have solved many cases, they can make misstakes now and then, but they won't lose their license since their experience level is much higher.

Another idea is, after you reach 3 false accusations, you lose your license, and that it takes a week or two to recover it, in the mean time, you won't be able to play...

Why? Most of us play this game, not just for the moment, but also after we logg out. We also don't like that something we built for 10 days, that it gets thrown away just because we didn't take the safe way out. Which in my opinions is wrong.
I know. You got to have some sort of risk when playing this game, otherwise it wouldn't be that fun. I'm just saying, have those risk as it is now, but with a more comfortable style that also benefits those who actually dare to take a risk.

Tell me what you think. Maybe I'm completely lost, but if thats the case. Please let me know ;)


Carmine Galante
Carmine Galante

Sep-11-2006 10:03

Sorry for the triple post. I had this page open so that I could refresh it so see if anyone had posted. Didn't notice it posted it again....

Anyway, thanks for the fast answers!
You may be right, but I miss that comfort of not being able to get deleted... Lets say, the most far fetched case. You get hacked. The hacker just does 3 wrongful accusations and poof, you're account is delited. Atleast I think there should be a timelimit like 1 month if you get 3 false accusations.

Just being able to know, that what ever you do, you won't get deleted. Now I'm not talking about breaking the rules etc.

One question: Are there other ways to get deleted?


Sep-11-2006 10:19

Other than getting 3 FAs, I am not aware of any other ways of getting deleted. There may be some extreme circumstances where Ben might delete a detective, but those are extremelly rare and they are handled on a case by cases basis, and I think in private.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Sep-13-2006 13:55

I dont think there should be any option for bringing your detective back if u get retired. We must suffer the consequences of our actions, and if we know we can get our detective back,no matter what, then that wont make us be more careful. We will have a "Oh well...its ok if I get 3 falsies, I wont lose my detective forever"

I've said it before, and will say it again, I hope it stays just how it is. There is no reason for it change. :)

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