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Lucky Stiff

Sep-10-2006 20:00

For those of you on the site who are American or can sympathize with the events of 9/11/01, I wanted to say we should all take some time tomorrow to reflect not only on what happened, but the feeling of unity that followed.....

It is a sad day, but also a day to remember the heroes and the American spirit that followed the attack.

I will be flying my flag tomorrow, and others should too.


Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Sep-11-2006 08:26

I still remember exactly where and what i was doing when it happened. I worked a lot with some of the people involved in the disaster.

I was dispatched throught the Red Cross to Halifax NS to run a center for some of the people travelling in planes that where grounded.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Sep-11-2006 12:09

Its amazing, that any other time, I cant remember what I did 2 days ago lol BUT, on 9/11/00, I remember exactly what I was doing and that day. When I first got out of bed, I saw my mom standing in front of the television, on the phone because my brother's wife, called her and told her to turn on the tv....and as I was headed toward the family room, I heard my mom say, "Oh my God, a second plane just hit the trade center" I sat in front of the television all day long, and alot of time days to follow. I was glued. I was very emotional, and had so much compassion and sympathy for all of them poor souls that lost their lives, and for their families and loved ones.

I still get tears in my eyes, when I watch tv programs talking about it, and even when I watched the movie World Trade Center.

That was a terrible, tragic day for America and for everyone!!

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Sep-11-2006 12:13

I received this in my email, and I just thought I would share, since its about 9/11 :)


Two thousand one, nine eleven
Three thousand plus arrive in heaven
As they pass through the gate,
Thousands more appear in wait
A bearded man with stovepipe hat
Steps forward saying, "Lets sit, lets chat"

They settle down in seats of clouds
A man named Martin shouts out proud
"I have a dream!" and once he did
The Newcomer said, "Your dream still lives."

Groups of soldiers in blue and gray
Others in khaki, and green then say
"We're from Bull Run, Yorktown, the Maine"
The Newcomer said, "You died not in vain."

From a man on sticks one could hear
"The only thing we have to fear.
The Newcomer said, "We know the rest,
trust us sir, we've passed that test."

"Courage doesn't hide in caves
You can't bury freedom, in a grave,"
The Newcomers had heard this voice before
A distinct Yankees twang from Hyannisport shores

A silence fell within the mist
Somehow the Newcomer knew that this
Meant time had come for her to say
What was in the hearts of the five thousand plus that day


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Sep-11-2006 12:14

"Back on Earth, we wrote reports,
Watched our children play in sports
Worked our gardens, sang our songs
Went to church and clipped coupons
We smiled, we laughed, we cried, we fought
Unlike you, great we're not"

The tall man in the stovepipe hat
Stood and said, "Don't talk like that!
Look at your country, look and see
You died for freedom, just like me"

Then, before them all appeared a scene
Of rubbled streets and twisted beams
Death, destruction, smoke and dust
And people working just 'cause they must

Hauling ash, lifting stones,
Knee deep in hell, but not alone
"Look! Blackman, Whiteman, Brownman, Yellowman
Side by side helping their fellow man!"

So said Martin, as he watched the scene
"Even from nightmares, can be born a dream."

Down below three firemen raised
The colors high into ashen haze
The soldiers above had seen it before
On Iwo Jima back in '45

The man on sticks studied everything closely
Then shared his perceptions on what he saw mostly
"I see pain, I see tears,
I see sorrow -- but I don't see fear."

"You left behind husbands and wives
Daughters and sons and so many lives
are suffering now because of this wrong
But look very closely. You're not really gone.

All of those people, even those who've never met you
All of their lives, they'll never forget you
Don't you see what has happened?
Don't you see what you've done?
You've brought them together, together as one.

With that the man in the stovepipe hat said
"Take my hand," and from there he led
three thousand plus heroes, Newcomers to heaven
On this day, two thousand one, nine eleven

What a shame!

Jacqui Malone
Jacqui Malone

Sep-11-2006 23:08

Powerful words indeed! By the end of it I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Wish the author was known. If its ok, I'd like to copy this and keep it, it is so moving. Thank you for sharing. Never Forget!

Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Sep-12-2006 11:12

Of course its ok :o)

The Mike
The Mike

Oct-13-2006 10:54

wow talk about powerful


Oct-13-2006 11:03

Having lost my only son at age 17 four years ago I can tell you that you never get over it; you learn to cope and you learn to go on but the death of a child/spouse/parent is like a line drawn in the sands of time; there is only before and after. The least we can do is remember and offer up a prayer for comfort to those who are undoubtly still dealing with grief from this horrid horrid atrocity. There are more than tears in just my eyes right now!

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