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Skills we should have!
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Al Z
Al Z

Sep-6-2006 23:18

Skills that would make us feel better!

1) Kung-Fu: After a townie has taken us for the $500 cash for a last desperate clue ride, we should be able to employ Kung Fu, beat the tar out of the townie, and get our cash back!

Take that Fishmonger! <Ayiiiiii!>

2) Advanced Hypnotism: Make those suspects bark like a dog or stab themselves in the eye socket with a pencil.

3) Canoe: Why pay $4000 to cross the ocean when you can just paddle your way there? Don't forget the canteen, yo!

4) Pawn Shoppery: Okay, so I picked the suspect's front door, got in, read the diary...and now to make a tidy little profit on the deal!
Whut? I am too the good guy.


Lucky Stiff

Sep-17-2006 01:12

I want Al's skill :)

ive already got the boozin part down :)

Old Shoe

Sep-17-2006 06:37

yes you do biggie, yes you do ;)

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