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Lucky Stiff

Sep-5-2006 22:44

In honor and loving affection of Crunchpatty:

Ok so over the past few months, I have held many long, deep (laughable) conversations with Crunch and it occurred to me tonight that you can make an entire thread based on the awesome things that Crunch has said.

Granted, some of them in private chat are gonna stay that way (band camp, squirrels (not you SS), and of course a very long conversation all in teenspeak) but here are some of my favorites from recent times.

Please, everyone, you know you have them too :)

PET PEEVES: Celine Dion and the fact that she is rapidly overtaking the mountie as the prime Canadian icon. Really, I'd be happier if when most people thought, 'Canada' the first thing that popped into their head was an image of Keanu Reeves in a beaver suit screaming I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD!

REAL LIFE AVATARS: actually (prepare to be shocked) NOT an unusually swarthy garden gnome excavated from your parents' backyard tomato patch circa 1972...that's me.

(cant remember which one I grabbed this from…) ewwww the canine handler??? Him too??? Dude smells like dollar store puppy ghetto they spell it 'Pupy Chow'

And finally, everyone’s favorite thread, BACSTABBERS: If it doesn't work out...yeah, introduce him to the lice chick...she'll go ga-ga over for the body hair jewelery possibilities. Lice will dig him too.

OH YEAH and the whole YO MAMA thread, I obviously couldn’t post it all but why has this not been bumped?



Sep-9-2006 05:53

To Al, not in the boards I haven't!

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