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Suggestion 2

Rufus Bradford
Rufus Bradford

Sep-2-2006 09:00

Ok, this time it's for players. Do you play other RPG games ? Of course you do !! But did you ever try to start an investigation in one of thoes ? Let me explain. I got this idea sever days ago and it realy is cool. I started a private investigation office in a mafia-related text based RPG and some realy did requested my services. For example, a guys friend was killed. I couldn't analyze the murder scene ( wich makes it harder ) and all I was basing on where confessions, witness and false alibis. And it realy did work. I asked him if he knows any enemies of the victim. He made a whole list of an entire family. And I started asking them, and this part was the best. You don't ask NPCs and they clam you realy see real suspects trieng to lie or stuff like it and it's realy cool. You see the real reaction of characters and like in Slueth you could get killed ( my life was at 1% 3 times :) ) . Well, after some interogations, everyone was pointing a guy ( from that family ) that realy hated the victim ( now the movite ;) see, it's realy cool ) And I asked him what he was doing at the time of murder. I checked his LAST ACTION on his profile page. Then I checked the Obituaries list and I saw the time of death and the too informations matched. Suspect caught !! Case closed !! Realy great !!

The idea is that you could test what Slueth is teaching you on real cases and see that in most things Slueth is right !! IF you don't belive that a guy could kill because the victim forgot birthday or that the killer could get after you...this will prove it. Plus is harder because suspect realy do tink, not like NPCs and there are no PE...

So after you finish your cases on Slueth, try this !! It's realy cool !! But try it on RPG games, not on Startegy or any of that kind.

Good luck !


Roberta Peel
Roberta Peel

Sep-2-2006 22:45

What was the name of this game?

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