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Milestones for you
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Aug-8-2006 21:08

With the recent changes on the top score lists we were talking about what are the milestones that all of us here in Sleuth pass?


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Aug-9-2006 07:01

First time I subscribed
Joining and agency
Completing my first AI case
Taking part in my first treasure hun
Reaching 100 cases
Hitting the 100,000 exp points


Aug-10-2006 19:28

Not so much milestones as much as turning points....
The day I found Sleuth.
The day I joined Fat Kitten.
The day I met Jojo.
The day we got New Cities!!!
The day Reda and Akano talked me out of my retirement.
The day I left FK for Mojo.
The day I finally bought research.
The day we got shoes.
The day Rev left Sleuth.
The day Mojo was killed.
The day we were promised the Villians!! :D

I look forward to so many more, even if I mostly just roam around mumbling to myself like a senile old lady most days. :)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-13-2006 04:45

Heh, I was going to post mine here then I thought I'd use them for the lastest competition.
Hmm, need to get out the colouring pencils.

Lucky Stiff

Aug-13-2006 17:58

better colored pencils than sharpies LED

I think cfm should have some sort of "Laugh In" type pic she's entering



Aug-13-2006 21:33

*perks up and looks around*

Did someone say Sharpies?!

Al Z
Al Z

Aug-13-2006 22:05

The Milestones of AL Z:

The day I made Biggie cry.
The day I crushed Biggie's spirit!
The second day I made Biggie cry.
The day I humiliated Biggie.
The day Biggie decided I was the bane of her existence.
The day my agency beat Biggie's agency in a hunt head to head.
The third day I made Biggie cry.
The day Sunny intervened and deleted my post because it was an insult directed towards Biggie!
The day Biggie swore over our aol AIM chat that she would make me pay!
The day afterwards when Biggie realized she'd never make me pay.
The day I made Biggie pay.

Ah, yes. Good times all.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-14-2006 03:44

Heh, fuuny post Pookie. I hope it doesn't upset Biggie :D
*hugs Pookie and Biggie*

Old Shoe

Aug-14-2006 03:58

you better hope biggie doesn't see this cause if she does you can add the day you made biggie get pi%^ed at you

Con Artist

Aug-14-2006 04:51

Ha! Very good Al Z. Now duck, because I hear Biggie coming now.

Oh and I have to add to my accomplishments:

The day Crunch and Biggie tricked me into working in a Myanmar sweatshop.
The day Crunch and Biggie lured me into thier exotic animal smuggling ring.
The day Crunch and Biggie had me start to rig the outcomes of the cock fights.
The day Crunch and Biggie had me run drugs out of Colombia. <still sore>
The day Crunch and Biggie had me sell fake hamburger to Sami's in NY.
(You don't even want to know what it was. Trust me!)
The day Crunch and Biggie had me polute the boards with inane drivel!
The day Crunch and Biggie had me fake a Sleuth expansion. Muuuhahaha!


Aug-14-2006 04:52

I guess mine was:

celebrating two years of addiction :)

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