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Skill Choice
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Jul-26-2006 14:00

I have been saving up skill points for a bit now and am thinking about buying the Research skill, but was curious what it actually does for you. Could someone enlighten me and tell me how beneficial it might be? I am a smart and tough character with the following skills...

Footprint Analysis
Stress Detection
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis
Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

Thanks in advance.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-27-2006 11:56

I didn't think you needed Research for FMs do wrote to Ben, here is the answer:

Ben: For any FM where research is required to complete it (mostly the later ones), you can do the research without the skill.

For the other FMs, where research provides helpful clues, but there are other ways to complete the mystery, you do need the skill.


Jul-27-2006 13:15

Wow, thank you all very much.

I think I am pretty much sold on picking that skill up.

Lucky Stiff

Jul-27-2006 16:20

oops, my bad :)

Must have gotten bad information when I first started, thanks LED!

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