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Tab Boot Error!!
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Al Z
Al Z

Jul-25-2006 13:51

Hi All,

I already sent this in to Bug Reports, except it's not really a bug and I was wondering if anyone experienced it and if so, how can I fix it?

Every time I hit the Agency HQ tab, I get booted. I've learned though, that if I log in from a different computer, I DON'T get booted. The rest of the game works perfectly on my computer. I don't understand it at all....

So its some kind of setting on my own computer, methinks. Anyway, if anyone has any idea how to help me out, I'd appreciate it.

If this wasn't the right place for me to post this...well..I am a newbie hehe!


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-27-2006 11:15

We've tracked down the reason for this bug and I'll post the long explanation for it here. Hopefully, we've completely fixed the problem (as I'll explain below), but I want to spell out what's happening, in case it does popup again.

Getting the "Sleuth - Server Down For Maintenance" message, when requesting certain pages, when the sleuth server really isn't down.

Some ISPs (i.e. AOL) use server side caching at the proxy server layer. The last time the Sleuth Server was down for maintenance, the resulting "Server Down" error pages were cached by those proxy servers for certain URLs inside the Sleuth site. In some cases, these error page results were stored in those proxy server caches for several days. So, users requesting those pages were served the outdated "Server Down" responses, rather than fresh page results.

Who this effects:
* Users for whom AOL is their ISP
* Users who use the AOL web browser or client software
* Other users who's ISPs perform server side caching at the proxy layer

Fixes Made on Sleuth Server side:
We've altered our "Server Down" error page headers to inform proxy servers to never cache those page results. (for the techies: Cache-Control "no-store"). This should solve the problem going forward, altough there may be a few cached versions of those error pages around on certain proxy servers.

Fixes you can try if you are still getting those errors:
It's possible that there are some proxy servers out there that don't honor the standard Cache-Control header responses. Also, there may still be some erroneously cached error results floating around. In either case, one of the following fixes may resolve this issue for you:
1) Refresh your browser cache.
2) Try a different browser.
3) If you have access to a different connection, (work or library), try loggin in with your account there.

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-27-2006 11:16

If you are still getting these errors after Friday, please let me know.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jul-27-2006 16:06

Thanks for that Ben. Finally this real life mystery has been cleared up :).

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