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The First Annual Sleuth Mystery Fiction Contest
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Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Jun-7-2006 16:32

OK, we've had a Biography Contest. We've had a Beauty Pageant. Why not write our own mystery fiction?

Listen up everyone! Starting today, all detectives here in Sleuth are now entitled to participate in the First Annual Sleuth Mystery Fiction Contest! The rules are simple: create a good mystery story, submit it before the deadline, and wait. Three/four judges (including myself) will judge the entries, and the winner will be announced on either June 19th or 20th (the date still needs to be confirmed).

>>The story itself needs some specific components. First, it needs to be a mystery story. Second, it MUST include your detective as the sleuth. Suspects - you can have as many as you want, and their names should "reflect" the city your story takes place. You MUST choose one of the four Sleuth cities (New York, London, Shanghai, Delhi) as a setting. The minimum number of words should be at least 750. Maximum is up to you, but nothing too long. The murderer's identity should definatly be revealed in the end. Clues should be innovative and must point to the killer. Victim must die in an "old-fashioned" way (i.e stabbing, poisoning, strangling etc.). Victim should be included in the story in some way. The title must be appealing an appropriate for your piece of fiction. You CANNOT plagiarize a plot from a book, nor can you plagiarize a title. Not even one of the Featured Mysteries. Any questions concerning the outline of your fiction can be directed to me with PM.

>>Submission deadline is June 18th. No submissions can be accepted after that date.

>>PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES TO THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL ADDRESS: Include your detective name, entry, and number of words used. If we have accepted your entry into the contest, we will send your confirmation by e-mail, or PM. If not, we will send you an e-mail or PM telling you this and explaining why it wasn't accepted.




Jul-13-2006 18:27

Remember all you people who are thirteen, I am 10! and I love to write

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